18 February 2016


February is my favorite month of the year and what a better start to re-ignite this space. Its been a mix of stuff happening from January, with lot of ideas not really taking shape like planned, but the resolutions are etched hard this time in head! 

I will not spare myself and get lost in family drama ( not that they are not important) but refuse to use my busy family schedule as reason. I have not been able to even eat out a decent meal in peace outside, which is just on top of my list “ TO RELISH DIFFERENT CUISINE in multiple places” this year!

 I might not weight more than 60 Kg, but my love to eat out and try diverse tang just doesn’t abscond. I sense and dream of it at times, I watch cooking channels as if am watching a james bond movie….nah, make that a DDLJ movie!
I will make it a point to write every detail of the food am eating out , which might give me some peace J

First stop – MTR with my dad tomorrow….

and more resolutions coming up...

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