07 July 2015

Crazy boy at 3.....

Its been mentally and physically exigent to manage the routine effortlessly, since Sammy boy doesn’t behave the same and its real crazy to match his temperament and his demand for my time; makes my PLAN go upside down. His spirit is unmatchable and leads to asperity in my voice all day long, troubling me at times with the behavior.

Maybe its age3 act with all kids; but the mother who handles differ and few might be apropos at this act, but I fail at times to hold the fort right. It starts from the time he wakes up; demanding for milk and screaming without reason until its time for his school..I would be half parched and then comes by home related work. The routine cutting, dicing and cooking continues day in and day out, reading in between which seems like my only means of peace at that moment. The rest of day continues with more drama and fun, playing in the park in the evening which is a pet of our routine now.

The most difficult part is the eating time and It surprises me that am still surviving…My complaints go unheard and its my job. So if anyone is asking me what am I doing all day at home, Its like what the hell?

( Am posting this after 3 months of writing,must say will come back  with the latest, which is sure a lot more better than the state of art it was )


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