19 January 2015

My Mantra to Kill stress - FOOD!

My Love for FOOD!

Two back to back dinner celebration with harsha/ friends; just tells me its been a good week. I love Food and that’s enough to keep me excited in midst of my well defined routine.

Am a person who enjoys the simplest of food, relish without being crabby nor a critic. Anyone can just gimme a plate full of food (It has to be Vegetarian) and I don’t even lift my head till I am done…
I love cooking, simple south Indian dishes being my darling. Living in India is the biggest plus, the sight of vegetables vendors early morning with their fresh stock of veggies and greens is a scene I can’t miss and love picking them, they are so colorful; so fresh ; filled with little water drops and mud…

This week I have picked “Methi” as my fav green and have prepared a) Methi aloo parata B) Akki rotti with Grated carrots and Methi c) Methi daal…..loved them all!!!!

Enjoy cooking; Enjoy Eating!!!!

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