03 January 2015

Welcome 2015!!!

Am so excited to start 2015, with lot of new ideas, resolutions, goals, don’t and dos, hopes…..I have loads to look forward to and everything is etched in my mind, which I soon plan to pen down and review it constantly which reminds me to move my a** from my comfort zone routine AND to take up challenges this year!!!!!
Yes, I have thought a lot during last month and in one sentence would like to describe my 2014 as “ Life cirled in a routine”; which I definitely plan to break it this year, now that samy is a year older.
DECEMBER ended well and fast, with last day with family and cousins, had gala time and good dinner. It was not a long partying night (as I wished); Harsha dropped us back home and went out partying….Yes, I can complain but choose not to….I reason it with myself that Sammy is young and he needs me by his side ……Harsha is one person I owe everything to, especially my self confidence, my happiness and whatever I had achieved is all because of him, so I shall take it easy now that I have my own precincts. At times, when I cant sleep I remember how much I loved my job and harsha was always so encouraging and inspiring to do more and was there with me always….My travels were made so easy cos of his support; which made me love the new cities and people and embrace them with the little time I was there….I picked interests in writing and investments; have proved to be a responsible daughter to my parents and a big sister..I owe a lot to my husband….. Just like the meticulous Piscean, I drown into the dreamland; just to get away from my well written routine (no regrets)!!!!
Its just 3 days into new year and my biggest agonize of Samrudh’s quirkiness and health ( assume it was his pending worm medicines) is washed off…My kiddo seem to be full of zip and doing fine, he is playing non-stop and talking non-stop; which is the biggest treat I can ask for..Its just the simplest things about him that makes me get back to existence and dream more….He demands and I Fret; but we hug tightly and cuddle each other like never before….We fight and I scream, he runs to me asking for the most cutest apology and its back to never ending kisses and cudles…so Beautiful !!!!I don’t miss to watch him sleep, Don’t miss asking him simplest and foolishest questions and just stare at him answering me so seriousy….Dont miss taking him out every evening and teachin him the smallest lessons of life, to love animals and treat women with respect, say Hello and smile, say No and Thank you, realizing how much in turn he is teaching me!!!!
Well, I shall start writing down my 2015 MUST –DO’s…Meanwhile A few for myself:
1.       Keep myself busy – ALL THE TIME…
2.       Read loads of books
3.       Write …Journal, my interests, Investments, learnings, new words…
4.       Learn Music ( long pending)
5.       Indulge in artistic stuff…do something at home…change that room looks!
6.       Exercise…Yes, I have a thin built, but focus on health and exercise, Yoga!

Just the basics….Wishing everyone a very happy and Prosporous new year!!!!

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Neha Mutalik said...

That was Lovely ! Well written