21 April 2010

Its Semi finals for RCB!

Final it’s a big day for my RCB team, playing against Mumbai! Am tensed, desperately on tenterhooks 'we win' and heartbreaking for all those who bought tickets for the semi’s and had to go through the tough patch of getting their tickets returned. I so badly wanted to watch semi’s in the stadium and somehow never early to book the tickets and later made hubby check everywhere only to realise its cancelled in Bengaluru. I shall miss the IPL season soon....I have never been a cricket fan, but situations like mine; make you just pick up something you have never been into and get so fond of...who knows what's NEXT..

I just remembered in the last world cup, and then working with my previous employer had a team full of BOYS! Now, how can I expect the work and deadline to be completed, when 100% of the team were CRICKET CRAZY lovers, while it was just “ME” wondering what’s in this game???? It was a huge challenge, to work out a plan to divide the team of 15 into four groups and plan their breaks so they get to watch the match in the TV screen in office Pantry (we were not allowed to browse net / listen to radio then), with only a TV avalable during breaks to be switched on in low volume/muted. The motivation level and team bonding was at its highest then, with such adjustments.
It was fun, since it worked out very well and all of us KHHUSSHHHH......I felt neurotic at times, since the only language spoken on floor was CrKcIkEt...

I plan to write a book (sarcasm); on the different inventive ways to find the “Right job”. I shall pen down my experience and never know, my known circle and friends might find it useful. I have some pointers ready, which needs to be polished and submitted artistically. This is more to define my state of mind at this moment...
Few people rightly said, not to run behind anything or somehting like that...just keep trying and you will get it...is there a proverb like this????
BUT;Something life has taught me so beautifully in recent times...which I have been experiencing in multiple ways...so presently with no expectations for anything, only hoping the right times strikes...for now, it’s just the breathing exercise for my Peace.

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances." Martha Washington

Plan to watch PHOONK2 soon in Theatre. Hubby for sure will never join me for this crazy idea, but am roping in on my niece who is so just 10yrs but doule excited to be watching her first horror movie in theatre. It might be fun-never know!

"KANE & ABEL" from Jeffery archer is amazing read. The flow just takes you to that world, attitude so strong and just contrary to our existence. Recommend!

I have clearly checked and planned some space in the existing garden in out apt. Now, since its taken care by one lady, I will have to make my way slowly. I have selected a small place, where I shall plant "Chanduhuvvu" ( Kannada) which has been my first fav since childhood. The spread is amazing and the flower is yellowish-orange, which I want to be my view in the morning from my window! Sounds nice? Soon, I shall be planting them and posting pictures.


Mumbai Diva said...

have u read his 'not a penny more, not a penny less'? it's hilarious.

phoonk 2? good god! no, i'm definitely not watching that one!!

Manjunath said...

RCB papa :(