05 April 2010

School Nostalgia (or) is it a worry?

I memorize a painting competition I attended when I was in 5th grade and won the First place (shocking me) and loved the attention I got until I received the prize. I played Kho-Kho like crazy in high school and take part in some inter-school competitions and part of throw ball in spite of being sick thin and learnt it hard way, I learnt flute and was a part of the school music group enjoying every spot of it for long time and did some nursery kids school day anchoring…..It might sound very usual and simple now; but feels like high flier for me.
“BUT” I never bothered to take up painting nor did anything relate to arts and creative work or sports post schooling, forcing me to think of a REASON for discontinuation.
It was always academics and a rule book life; landing me here!

Being a Piscean, I should have thought of an unconventional career or a serious hobby, which would earn me more “content and peace”; increasing the percentage of zeal; rather than my job at a corporate world. I tried taking a satisfactory quotient on what I have been around for 7.5 Years and not sure if am doing the precise thing. Is it too late to even find out what's right for me now? Do people go through this phase? Is this a 7yr itch? R u feeling the same?
Subject encircling me, cos of the situation? or more out of just Thoughts?
well, at least I day dream so much about such things; be it nostalgia from all these years or just imaginations, proving am a right Piscean somewhere at any case!!!
I preferred an artistic and more creative life to rule me, proving my zodiac sign rather than rest of the things which I rather let go off it.
WELL, This goes nowhere, not concluding anything, nor justifying anything..Just my thoughts on Monday morning…

The certificates in front of me, which I have bothered to dust it off and tidy them today is the reason behind this post…..better not to clean up things ahh???
Maybe a cup of tea will do wonders to me now.....


The sun is back, really cruel.....RCB lost the match last night....*My fren's who were in love and court from a yr and helf now finally got the approval from family for marriage last evening; Hubby was so zapped at this shocking news, had to be reminded to HUG his fren’s on their happy moment and a small celebration followed( best part)....My interview went well, but will not work out finally....Dinner at Royal Orchid was amazing, brocilli n mushrooms being my favourite.....Met my nephew for the first time; after 5 yrs he was born and felt li'll odd at the way we conversed and try to bond with his AM Accent.....Mangoes have started flooding my house being everyone's fav here, season yet to start....that's my weekend!


Mohan said...

Never late to switch over what interests you the most. You can continue to excel in your passion as well as career without crossings the territories of any.

Well, I had been to Royal Orchid for lunch last wednesday... probably this was my 10th visit I suppose! i love the food and place :)

Swaram said...

Oh ho! awesome weekend Shru. I hv got to meet one of my cousins too who is now 11 :( Sad alva :( He comes down to Mumbai once in few yrs and I hv nt been able to go there when he is there .. I so hate this :(

Mangoesss ... nangu beku :P

I got a file with my certificates sday too ... shifting, cleaning ;) What a coincidence :)

Anonymous said...

mangoes!!! yes i saw them in the market too..yet to take that first bite of season.
that itch you talked about , do read here..

n u ll realise everyone of us feeling the same..me including:( :)

Rachana Shakyawar said...

Hi Sweet Shruttz...

Beautiful post..enjoyed every bit of it...felt so nostalgic..and childhood days are marvel indeed!

U have expressed so well every notion of thoughts and content!

Above all well when it ends so well..hummm..Mangoes..i love them..!

Bring on more of sweet posts like these:)

Love yeah!
Keep the Spark Alive..

Bwt: Kindly read my new post "Fool"..u might just like to have a laugh!

Passionate Goof said...

To be very very honest, I am in that same state of mind for quite a while now. I know IT is not my calling, and I really really don't want to end up back there, and to start up in a new field, is yet again a tough choice. Then ofcourse the fact that sitting at home for the past few years, I have grown cobwebs on my career aspirations.... I am pretty much where you are Shruti, and I am still waiting for the flash which will show me my path.

Manjunath said...

Coool for a moment u took me to the school days, the painting competition and the free maggie's we were getting ;)