27 April 2010


It was a Girls day out, myself accompanied by my 10yr old & 17yr old niece to treat our self a day at ‘Paatshala’ with our Fav Shahid kapoor and Lunch at Chungs( could not miss the Chinese food), shaping a great combo of movie-food and girlie talks!

Now, I was wondering having promised them to take out, what do I talk or how do I manage them, with me having no know-how with dealing this AGE-this GEN. They were always a step ahead, talking from earth to sky, educated much more than the text books and knowledge on anything from school to college to IPL, politics, actress, fashion, food, books....WHAT NOT? While I relished my mushroom soup, i was surprised at the maturity merge that comes with the age the girls carried.

It was FUN, to learn more about the school from the 10yr old; making me wonder how much the ATTITUDE of the kids have changed, same with the relationship between a teacher-student is so much contrary to what existed in 80’s ( My school time). The CONFIDENCE of what needs to be done is quite well imbibed at such young age, which makes a clear path for carrying out the education. I learnt that its not only about academics anymore and parents are so much open for their kids to explore what they need, which is a good sign. There are more activities and facilities in comparison, which might make it stressful, yet a much needed one. Its mainly the "CHANGE" in times and terms, which made me sit and wonder.

Then came some college stories from the 16 yr old, yet again very different from couple of yrs back, where I was constantly trying out comparison in my mind, while enjoying my Veg chowmein. The fun is different, having access to more things and information which can be used rightly or wrongly depending on an teen-indivisual. Its a very confusing age and same with forming picture as to what these young people are upto. Few things I liked; SAY the group of freinds who participate in multiple much forum's organised by college to doing their part for Saving tress to awareness on environment and a strong desire to protect it (WOW) and few more made me sit up and wonder if this is the right age. Its the Internet which is the culprit or is it the exposure to things whichout having a second thought? Yet, so much at such an age.....Phew

I went back to my school and college days, laughing more out of what ‘I’ did, while they spoke their stories. It was a Day-dream luncheon for me, which made it more tasty and took me to a different time. yet; There are so many sweet little things I enjoyed, due to lack of facilities, information, the system, parent's attitude, rules, etc..etc...which made it more sweeter comparatively and more fun which will be so cherished.

Oh, we didn’t miss on some of our fav topics like Fashion, dresses, shopping, gossiping here and there and those light moments, which had to match to both age groups...LOL

Movie was quite and a serious affair, since it was on education system and some reality bites in 2 hrs time. I would have preferred a DVD watch, but got some time to sit in dark and roll into my own thoughts on the subject. Overall a nice rating for my start of week....


Anonymous said...

Today's generation And what they gaining fast is knowledge due to technology but at the same time losing PATIENCE very fast And that is a step towards bad health.
They say: Health is Wealth. Lets talk after 20 years to discuss whether we were right or they are right.

Mohan said...

Someone is having a great kick start for the week... May the rest of week follow the same suite!

Btw... by writing those lil ones are much ahead of your time, somewhere I get the feeling that you have become an 'aunty' now ;) that 80's school days makes it read like an age old lady... its just a difference of a decade... take it easy and move on :D

Swaram said...

Oh wow! I can see u hd a lot of fun :)
I luv the fud @ Chungs too :P :P

Passionate Goof said...

I can so imagine all the fun you must have it. Interacting with people that age, really makes us wonder HOW different we were at their age. With each passing year, kids are just getting smarter!!

Renu said...

Shruti..where are you? no updates now?

Alka said...

Hey even I like Chungs a lot.. yummy soups............

You got lotz of patience to deal with young girls.you know, there Idea of life, enjoyment ... differs a lot.

As usual, good write up.