04 October 2009


7: AM- left home, a suitcase and 2 sweaters to mom’s house to catch with 2 other couples
8: AM – Reached mom’s home, hot coffee, chatting
8:30AM – The couples arrive and more chatting and more coffee
9:15AM- Tata, we leave for Mysore!

News channel is full of news on the Floods and its raining endlessly in Karnataka. After all the Gyaan from Parents and In-laws not to travel-blah-blah, we insisted to get away from home for the Gandhi Jayanthi and for the long holiday.

Why Mysore??? It’s a place, which is very easy to get away from Bangalore to know-how everything divergent from our habitual. It’s the drive (2+ hrs) from which is so welcoming and fresh, to start your weekend.
So ethnic, so calm, no traffic Jam, the smell, the history, the Firangs, the travelers, the palace, the sandalwood, the chamundi hill and many other fantastic things just pulls me to this city… The Wodeyar rulers were great patrons of art and culture and the city reflects it just wholly.

This is a way to unwind from my routine and revivify myself.

Back to my trip…Myself and H have visited all the main attractions in mysore before and we went there only to relax. With the 2 couples eagerly waiting to explore the places, we left them to themselves to go ahead and visit the places of their choice and we were in our hotel relaxing and taking a walk in streets like localities.
We did have darshan of Chamundeshwari ( not to miss that) in the evening and rest of trip to talk endlessly, play games, walk and relax…

Food phobia: As I have always said and repeated, I LOVE FOOD.
We didn’t miss the dosa’s in Milari which is very popular among the localities and tourists in Mysore. You get only 2 kinds of dosas in the small place. Its either plain dosa or filled with Masala. And I bet anyone, you just cannot stop at one!
Dinner was at windflower, amazing place for drink and dine. Since it was Oct2nd, we were not served any liquor, so we replaced it with good soup and enjoyed the hot smooth roti’s, naan, dal makhani, panner hyderabadi, jeera rice and dessert.
We never try other cuisines in Mysore, since the best food you get to attack is the south Indian.

It was the first time; we went with my Sis and her Family. It was also a means for me to Bond with the new entrant BIL and his family. It was decent-fun.
Driving back after the more relaxed trip, was more fun. Myself and H were involved in endless talk about everything under sky and this is something I will never get to spend this quality time with him back home.

I forgot to mention that I “SHOPPED”. A scarf and a tee in Mysore. It’s amazing, how I can’t resist; inspite of jogging my memory all time to give a stop to shopping. I keep reciting-I hate shopping, yet I end up picking stuff and it re-energizes me all the time!
Anyplace-anytime-I love shopping…..I still need to pick a footwear and am scared to tell this at home.

Back home, in front of my notebook, watching TV….Back to my Routine…

Captured on our way to MySoRe:
AniMAL Cruelity


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Mysore sandal/saree-The famous. Right ???

anusha said...

I can see that your pic on animal cruelty also serves as an ad for PSR sarees,just like most of the city buses in Mysore.
Being a Mysorean,Mysore can mean only one thing to me-Home.Away from all the hustle and bustle of B-city.
Home is where the heart is! :)

Antarman said...

You are so lucky to have your parents so ear to you:)

Even I keep saying that I dont need anything, but whenevr see something good..got to have it:).

Eeven I saw the other say one person taking cattle in a truch and they were tie by the neck..couldnt move an inch:(

Manjunath said...

yummy yum :P

Suree said...

i have neeb to mysore once , it is a very nice place to live actually ... so peaceful ...

Suree said...

i have neeb to mysore once , it is a very nice place to live actually ... so peaceful ...

shwetha said...

hey shru, nice time v had with u and H.. hope v will have more such wonderful moments together.