30 September 2009

Need to Visit LALBAGH

Jessica said she visited Lalbagh over the weekend!
I was Amazed….I live less than 2 kms from Lalbagh and last visited in my childhood. Am ashamed completely.

LALbagh- one of the best parks in our Bengalooru, a unique Indian attraction which offers rare sight of greenery, Flaura collection , amazing glass house , reptiles, flowers a treat to our eyes ( when I last visited 20 yrs back),!!
Now, its must be 100 fold beautiful, offering more to the deprived bean city.

Jessica, who has visited our country for the first time, made it a point to check with localities and lavish her Sunday evening in Lalbagh, her thought so avant-garde; rather shopping in the over-rated cashmere shop in MG Road (which was obvious) or dining at the Leela!!! She was there at the MTR for food ( Hugs-Hugs)

I jumped, listening to her ongoing experience in Lalbagh and checking the photos; culpable inside that I have not made it there inspite of planning every now and then, city I so proudly talk about and boast of yet places like this not explored.

Tippu’s palace in Bangalore? Never knew until date.

On a separate note, made a couple of calls to my Ex-Infy team mates today. Felt relieved. It’s like a energy drink for me!
I still Miss the overall “sense” being with a team, since I don’t work in a team/group anymore. This was my CHOICE, after all the unwanted-painful experience.
I still go back nostalgic about the fantastic days and erudition from the Team I highly thought of and treasured the most. It was such a beautiful experience, working with the group, taking troubles together-cribbed, solving issues together, and having fun and work towards stabilizing our new process with the tough clients. The tea – smoking-lunch breaks so beautifully de-stressing. The games-gossips-team building-stretch hours-trips planned for long weekends……This is the Beauty!

Later it was painful for its own reasons, situations, new boss and people, where I made a choice to quit and work in a different profile, where I will not have to handle a team or people, ensuring not to be mis-judged at all. Yet to come in terms to working alone.

I make it a point to keep in touch with my people and recognize my Don’ts when in a group; after this episode. We always learn our lessons, when in distress. Don’t we? It all happens for good. I value my team (ex); much more than I did before. I learn to work on my own now, being very independent, capturing the events previously; for my decision making today!
Am the possessor of my good work and escalations….Its a different world.

All for a reason…


Am reading shobha de's latest blog on her Africa trip experience...Something churned my stomach...

"I asked a prominent crime writer I was sharing a panel with in Capetown, what the explanation could be to this ugly phenomenon. She lowered her voice ( there was a predominantly Black and Coloured audience, while she herself was White ). Her response was scarey and troubling. She told me, “ My father is a pediatric surgeon. Most of the surgeries he performs are on little girls – their private parts…. to reconstruct torn vaginas. Open the papers and you will find at least seven or eight reported rapes a day. Most victims are underage kids. Ours is a very, very unstable society. I put the blame squarely on apartheid and what it did to destroy the human spirit. Our people don’t know the meaning of love.’’


Just for Fun ;) said...
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Manjunath said...

Glad you changed the theme, its looking easy one eyes now ;)

Antarman said...

It happens with everybody:) I lived in Delhi for 8 years and still havent seen Kutub minar, lived in Kharagour and couldnt go to puri Digha:)
I have seen Lalbagh and palace..Lalbagh is awesome:)

Your last para is very heart wrenching.

Anonymous said...

Lalbagh is like one of the tourist destination of Banglore..:))
have visited it on my trip there..its so large a campus!!

Mohan said...

The fort that you see right in the heart of KR market is Tippu's palace. It is indeed called as Tippu's Summer Palace. Adjacent to it is the Vani Vilas hospital :)

sumalatha said...

Hey Shru,

Even i missed our old team :(