10 September 2009

BoLt from the blue package - NY Trip in 2005

It's been a very very long day for me...I have half the mind to just hit the bed, its 11:40PM; but I need to record what’s going through me. It’s a small glee and for MY SAKE, need to just pen this… I came back from work early today since am not keeping well (terrible terrible COLD), haven’t checked mails from noon. Am worn-out, yet pulled myself to log into my office mails.

Accidently checked my personal mail, bolt from the blue package was a mail from my childhood fren who recently vacationed in New-YORK with her hubby and went through the melancholy of our official tour back in 2005..
On a day like this, I never expect an old fren to mail about our almost 5yr back trip, along with those snaps…

My sleep went astray; went through all 250 snaps ( few of them, I was checking for first time, since we went to different projects later)… I almost recalled the entire trip, more from the asinine angle, from the bonding of our friendship to our silly talks to freaking until mid0night in Times square and running to catch the last train from the Port station…our days were long and petite sleep, with cooking process taking turns, evening tea near the lake; at the back of our homestead …

It was Beautiful, erudition know-how, to be away from home and supreme ruler and see the Fast life first time ever. We were quite young then, and away from parents; exploring all possibilities to do everything under the Sky in the beautiful unknown city!

Special thanks to the Lady for bringing those lovely reminiscences back…Am so touched! After the mail and snap process, am sure will never be able to experience a journey-like that every again! Its an exception of its own kind… It’s was the mix of Age-mind-set-companionship which made it a deadly combo…

Am secretly laughing the way I dressed, looked and thought styled!!! Heheheee… H will have a good laugh looking at them.
Ghoshhh..Its me!!!!! LoViNG it!


Anonymous said...

Memories - Cheers !!!
And a quote :
A person is as young as the person thinks.

Renu said...

sHRUTI How are you feeling now? this cold is very irritating:)
Pics of Newyork are fabulous, what did you like best there..I mean where you would like to go again?

Manjunath said...

Memories are like treasures enjoy it ;)