07 September 2009

@ My second Home

Am at my Mom’s house for 2 weeks…..Its the first time post my marriage, am going to stay for this long…..There is a purpose, to be a part of my sister’s marriage preparation from the scratch! " "A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost"
Its bitter-sweet experience am going through from last few months…The moment I heard about her marriage proposal, I was stuck for a moment…It’s a mix of Happiness and at the same time a fear in me….she is going to be married….Will she be happy? Will she have to compromise a lot? How will she cope up with all responsibilities? Blah...Blah….
I do laugh it out-of-the-way, since am married and extremely happy!!!
So I call it a sundry feel….

2 weeks from today, my sister will be a married to my TO-BE-BIL...Preparations have started…oodles to do, since we form the girl’s side.
I would love to organize it in a systematic way and make this more fun, but my parents have their own plan and their way of arranging things…
Invitations are distributed….One of the room is names in our house is called‘Marriage room’ where loads of stuffs are dumped to pack….Lovely Kancheepuram saree collection kept piled…talks on Jewellery, makeup, dresses keep happening all the time… It’s going to be a 3 day function and loads of rituals to ensure the couple lead a happy-Understanding married life…Its her special day…

Am already missing my home and Husband L Its so unlike to be away from regular and all the engaging things we used to talk-fight-thrash out and now its just Phone….Its less than 24 hrs am away and I MISS HIM!!!!

Its such a exquisite feel, you get so fond of , emotionally involved with hubby and face the reality when u r away…am worried, if he ate well, if he is sleeping well, what is he doing at this time..did he have a good time at work…what if he is not ok...he called, but am not with him to hold his hand and look into his eyes to know How was his dayL
.I love this bond and so happy; I found U!!!!


Anonymous said...

When something is said from heart it reaches another heart.
Do not worry And congrats for upcoming marriage.

Manjunath said...

Congrats and convey my wishes for your sister!!!

and between enjoy the marriage celebrations :)

Passionate Goof said...

All the best with the wedding preparations. i am sure its quite a handful. And completely understand what you are feeling about missing your hubby!

Solilo said...

All the best, Shruti!

Enjoy your time with parents because there will be a time when you will ache to go back to parents and just enjoy their pampering. This is the time to live with them as friends.

This missing period is fun ;) ;)

Renu said...

Congrats Shruti ! I love these marriage times in the family. They are so enjoyable.

My mom used to say that as soon as Saptpadi is done, girl gets attached to her husband, isnt it strange that once a stranger ecomes our most loved person? We can live without parents, siblings but cant live without him:)

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Gugee...same here!! Tc.

AnjuGandhi said...

all the best to your sister
enjoy your stay at your parent's house
sometimes i really wonder How we girls change after our marriage.
only a few days with our husbands in his house and that house becomes our house, we feel a special affinity for it, that becomes our own house AND the place where we took birth, where we grew up becomes our secondary house, our second house
when i am at my house( i.e. my husband's house) i miss my parents house and want to go there but as soon as i reach there i start missing my other house.
just enjoy the marriage and take its fond memories with you

Prasad said...

hahah, tavra mane andare ade eno maja alwa mane magalige adrallu nivoo modalane magalu so ....
Samarambha adbhuthavagirali antha bayasutheve!!!

Inthi Nima