20 April 2009

Random thoughts On a Monday morning

Am counting days, hours, minutes….Its time for me to pack and head back home. Its such a exquisite feeling, to be back to my Bengalooru, home and people, my room, my bed, bathroom, wardrobe, my kitchen, our car, my shoe rack, TV channels, garden, known faces from ages, my walk in GB, home food….wow!!!!!!
My flight is on Friday via Dubai. Thought shall end my shopping in Dubai airport, but realized its only 1.5 hrs time in transit; which would mean I will have to rush up without much time for shopping….

To celebrate this feeling, bought red wine from the store during weekend and will just have a glass watching a movie tonight and gift it to the housekeeping before I leave ( she keeps my studio so clean and trim)….hmm, not a bad idea
Universal rides have drained me completely; feel the bones clutter and plunge anytime. Few rides were really good, made me go again to get to suffer the drop!!! Amazing, to skip a heart beat at hiatus-scary feel! Will come back again….. ;) H, off course with you!

Its Election time. This is something I would not like to neglect. Glance news from net; happy to know that our to-be leaders are impressed with Obama’s style of e-campaign and our BJP is leaving no gap in ensuring they adopt e-campaign for their team! Hopefully a better-planned-Organized-responsible leader for us this time. Have made a resolution, will follow up political news from now on, so I can be well educated – up to date. Am not sure, if I can vote if I reside in a different area now…need to do this check once am back (awful at such things)

Happy week to all and myself! Jump around, dance, listen to music and chill with a pinch of WoRk…Life is beautiful!!!!

Loved this quote from Isak:Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever...


P said...

Hey Shru I am soooooooooooooo happy for u.Enjoy back home with ur hubby and others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renu said...

really wherever we go, but when we are back home its happy time:)

Your ending is very beautiful anfd one thing I completley believe in.

Gana said...

shru bandbidu India ge .Basawangudi is waiting for you shru..Vijaynagar missed u a lot.E city kelle beda.:)happy journey.

Anonymous said...

Welcome ! Welcome ! Welcome !
Party ???