15 April 2009

ArIzOna and GrAnD CANyon and my Bengalooru

I had a sooper doooper-googleee woogleee – snow filled time – Experience worth it!!!! They say – If you are in USA; before you die you must watch GrAnD canyon and I did it J Yipppeeee Well, lemme write in detail so its more of ‘Moments’ and ‘Memories’ to read after a long time from now.
woke up early on Friday, Thanks to H for those reminder calls to catch the Flight to Phoenix. My first ecstasy was going unaccompanied from here and meeting the couple whom I have met only
once in Bangalore and now dwell with them for 3 days…Picked a cuppa while waiting for the boarding, reading the Shobha dee’s book. Quite liking it and amazed with her writing skills which are very creative and spun so beautifully! The flight was a very small and narrow, but it does’nt matter when you are inside only for an hour. Reached Phoenix on time and their home was the best feeling for me, since I was entering a “HOME”!! Spoke to the couple for sometime and had my fav masala dosa for breakfast, I was mesmerized!!!! I badly sought to hide my pleasure, but failed not sure what they thought of me! It was very nice of D to take the pains of preparing the stuff, which takes a lot of your time and patience!

Most of the evening, we spent in the city, shopped in the malls, ate ice creams, coffee and concluded the day by watching Fast and the Furious. Surprisingly loved the movie and also the THAI food! Slept like a LoG... Now, comes the most exciting part of my trip till date (in US) – Grand Canyon! What a experience, what a Beauty, what a creation by God, Its absolute WONDER! Normally during this time of year, there is no SNOW, but with an exception this time. In the morning, when we checked the report it said SNOW! I was secretly amused with this since I have never experienced it all my life. We first stopped at SEDONA, to view the lovely bell mountain. The drive usually gives you a feel of your destiny are those mountains its just picture perfect view! I was completely silenced with the beauty as we approached near, with the weather adding a touch to complete its significance!

It was noon by the time we were content with Sedona, so we had to push ourselves from there to GC. The journey from Sedona to GC was the unsurpassed, I have ever experienced. Suddenly the world started to turn into WHITE – cloud nine like feel for me. It was the first real vision of snow capped mountains and oak tree, which am still unable to come out of. I was soo hyper amazed at this view, I almost troubled them to stop every inch to take photos and also fill my eyes completely with the beauty. We stopped at all VIEW spots and filled ourselves with the tender weather, slight snow touching us chilling us and making us Go Mad! Reached GC, it was -3C, unable to get a view of the complete GC. I somehow pictursed looking from the top, but was slightly disappointed since the weather took away the clear view. But we decided to enjoy the SNOW FALL, which had slowly started to take over. In few minutes, It was complete snow fall!!!! Yippeeeee I jumped at the sight and danced to welcome it ! Its my first experience of snow fall and did not waste a sec to feel it and play around, just could not to go away from it. Though my nerves and bones were quaking, I wanted to take it all this one day. The couples gave a good company to enjoy the same. I turned around once, to check am I really here?

We filled out tummy with Rum and some hot food, with a view of snow from the hotel! By the time we were done and it was 5, slowly the snowing stopped and we could see some sun rays. We did’nt miss this chance to go check the GC again! there it was the beauty shining in RED cos of the reflection, expanded endless, giving you slight shiver at the view which was mesmeric and never ending! WOW! What a natural wonder on EaRtH. We were speechless at the sight in front of us. The camera cannot capture, what exactly you can see from your naked eyes! Go see them yourself, it’s a MUST!

We wanted to know the history of this exquisiteness, so ended the trip by watching the IMAX and headed back home. It was quite a scary journey, since it was dead dark and snowing. Thanks to V, who managed to drive slowly and caustiously while we dozed inside the cozy merc Yes, I missed my hubby tons and would have loved to be there with him. Back from ArIzOnA and back to my routine!

I live in Bangalore - lived there all these yrs and love it as any other human does for his/her hometown/city! Now a days I feel I live in this place, where all the natural beauty is been taken away ( demolished) and only man made things re being adjusted into the city, which is turning it up totally and giving a totally different look, which am not liking it. To look at this natural wonder 2 days back was worth it all and felt bad for whats happening back home..I miss my old Bangalore, it was soo full of greenary and its all about traffic and roads and flyovers now....Not sure whats awaiting few more yrs down the lane! God bless next generation!

sOmE PiCtures - Taken from my camera:)



anitha said...

Hi Shru ...how ru ,so nice Snaps..howz work going...
Shru ...even i want to come there....:)) take care...dear

Arunima said...

Since I cannot go to the Grand Canyon, I will watch the movie. :-) nice pics.

Gana said...

shru .. i am feeling J.U enjoying there.Shru I never felt i want to go out of india antha.But now very badly want to see whole world.Do some jaadu shru :)Nothing working out here :( I can imagine u after coming back to bangalore:) u will have lots to share...and we sitting in front of u with opned mouth listening to watever u telling.Hope we will meet up and get my imagination to reality.
Vital told me u will be back soon antha..
Great shru i m feeling very happy for u :)Always stay happy happy.
Love u ..take care

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Gugee! Wow...Vandy will be surprised to see the compliments u have given to him and D.

Nice Blog though! I have become an ardent follower...not sure Y!

p said...

hey Shru ur experience is so beautiful.Want to be there da.Hope some time soon.:)_

Solilo said...

Bloghopped from somewhere and had to comment seeing the mention of Arizona. I know most people don't warm up to this warm place but for me Arizona is home. The first place in US I lived and fell in love with.

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

To be honest I skip reading post as it is too big and I have less patience but yes, the photographs - amazing & rocking !!!

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Honest hobo...thank youshr