09 April 2009

Its not EaSy

YES, Its not EaSy! Its 4 weeks am away from my HuBbY, away from family and its started to seal me up with aggravation of frantically getting back to my Hub’s, soil and my routine……The simplest thing like my cell phone; for every cent I need to check balance is making me go wacky and wish to use the way I can back home….It also does’nt allow me to refill the card since I have a Indian address in the credit card…comeonnnnnn, its supposed to be Internationally accepted…grrr
I don’t have a car, and I can’t drive here…Am so challenged since am always calling cabs, or looking for someone who can drive me…

I can no more eat corn flakes nor the food at the cafeteria. 4 weeks is the limit. I plan to cook everyday and then am so tired by the time am through with my work for the day and those never ending meetings. At times, my meetings are back to back and go on for 5 to 6 hrs!!!!

Am I getting goaded with petty stuff??? Am venting out and no better way than my Blog where I can WRITE, what I want to and clear my head. ClEaReD!!

Had Lunch with an NRI fren at work and my co-worker from India. We went to Bollywood cafĂ© and I was shockingly silent. Those two went on about Applications; go live, projects and I was just concentrating on my food, pretending to listen the conversation. Yes, I was not sure what was going on in mind, but for sure I wasn’t completely present there..Loved the Dal and Veg Biryani.

My boss is on Vacation next week and have a list of things as action points for next week. So the moment am back from ARIZONA trip, I will be drowning wOrK~
Looking forward for the ARI trip, hopefully to load myself with enough happiness and FuN, ELSE my $200 go wasteL How cunning of me!@#@!$##@


Gana said...

Hey Shru ..When u will be back..want to have long talk .No G talk happenning.Losts to share with u.
Want to see ur flat tummy..Have started with swimming and reducing my tummy.Keeping it hiden fron dodamma.
Take care shru :)))

P said...

Hey Shru yak ishtondu bejar madkond ideya.Cheer up dear.I know its tough to leave family and be heer but its just few more days thats it then u will be back with them da.Cheer up girl now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Hugss Gans...You have started swimming, am JJJ...I miss Dodamma stories, pls mail me sweety...

Pris, will chat.Just that I was low. Trying to live here:)

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Gugee...HarSHU yekaadaa!

Be careful and have a nice time! Grand C pics were awesome...im sure that u freaked out; worth the travel..