27 March 2009

Ugadi habbhada shubashayagalu:)

Its Ugadi!!! we welcome the new year at this day, eating "BEVU" "BELLA" ( Neem leaf mixed with Jaggery), which means let us take the sweetness and tough road in life in right mix and with content!!! This is what amma always says and makes us eat the mix, which is good :) Remembering the days of my childhood and with my parents and nostalgic!!!!

I wished myself today, did the routine pooja and even blamed God, for taking away my long weekend from me, else would be on roads with hubby to some other destination! MIL had prepared Bisibelebath, I just can't resist it and amma had prepared majjege huli , simply WOW!
I just want to load myself with FOOD and FOOD, once am back! Hopefully am not loaded with work and pressure then, but what has food got to do with it, whats say!

Work wise, am still getting to know "HOW THIS ALL WORKS"!!! I must be the most confused wanderrer here...am going to take time and I convince myself AM FINE!
see, am blogging from office, not done when I have many things to load my brain with. I promise myself am reading the docs after this and make notes and be content, before welcoming the weekend.....

For Lunch today, one of the Indian NRI (!$@#$#) lady is taking us out to try out a Indian place...see, again food! I need to check with her, where I can get good deal on perfumes, am going to load my bag with them!!!! H, watch out, its all mine:)
Saturday, have got a pass from my employer for "ISU Ladies Free Skate for the World Championships" which am looking forward to and am going to have FUN babes!!! Hopefully my lady boss, doesnt get to see the other side of me ;)
Sunday is not planned, but I can't sit in the apt. I plan to get a Kannada DVD, if nothings happening....what an IDEA!

LAUGH n FUN n DANCE n SHOUT!!! -----Love them!
People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Happy New Year to you too :)

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Arunima said...

happy ugadi!

we had a holiday due to this.

Anonymous said...

Happy New year !
Besan Laddu - 4u
Enjoy !!!