06 March 2009

Love mixed with Work@$@

Its the after effect of missing my team so badly last evening, now I have planned for a team Lunch with them. I have decided, to send them a mail ( like those meeting requests) which will have "lunch" invite with two dates as option. Let them all discuss and choose one of them and I will decide the place ...hmm sounding good na:)

I have an issue here.I do not want to be TURNED OFF by 2 of them who have been Bl**** SELFISH enough to take people in team for granted and enjoy their rides of Love. Sick, when people can get immature enough to mix their feelings with Professional life and end up having a jolly ride, while others in TEAM have been burning their necks out from an year, to get this team to this state of performance. The least contributers ( Yes, as per data and justification) are these 2 souls, but none to question them nor look at the Inside story cooking. How is it- to gave a under performer a good rating and sending for upcoming progressions?? Is it the Gender or the looks which is performing here???
Such injustice happen and team will have none to go to and ask WHY? Data has been manipulated and questions unturned, just for the sake of L-O-V-E ( how false can it get).
Am sure this guy will have a empty dabba in his hand "one fine day", and when he turns back will find no one for a shoulder!

Anyways, I do not wish to see the shameless people for the Luncheon nor there will be any invite..such things aches, since you would have put in so much effort to make a team, make a leader, run the show.

Am travelling to California next weekend and this gives me enough time to wind up from such wounds and carry fresh set of feeling & hopes and looking forward for 6 weeks of unlimited work. My new boss is a workoholic and here am, changing my status to the same for few weeks!!! Will be writing in everyday, so I can always look back and check, How did I do with my initial days of new job :)))
Wish me the best~~Shru

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