05 March 2009


My coworker and myself were conversing on our at-hand assignments and stuff, while I get to hear the series of tête-à-tête from this group of 5 ppl from a team, having lunch together. They started out, making fun to of this girl, who was eating aloo parata and adding weight (How archetypal of them), when the 3 girls responded together in defense which was loud and funny (childlike)…..BOOM! The topic suddenly changed to SLum Dog and the relative details from times paper today; on how the movie being not so good to the direction, the actors, love, slums, child actors, etc...Even before any finale, the topic was changed to weekend plans, shopping and drink....with loud laugh frequently…
One of the guys, passed a joke on some girl passing by and again comes the loud Laugh.

UFF!!!!! When I was almost done with the food, my thought was "HOW SILLY – Irrelevant and Stupid" and in no seconds was reminded of the days, when I used to sit in groups and have Lunch with my few of my team members at infy, where the topics used to be much sillier than the ones, I heard from this group, where the laughters were worse and louder than the one by this group. Just that today I do not work for a TEAM and thus, forgot what the FUN is all like! I felt that this group, though sounded silly and childish to me, were having much better time and de-stressing than I was today.....

YES, am missing my group of people, whom I always used to hang around enjoying the little pleasures; 'with never ending - meaningless - GOMAD' topics and go through unlimited FUn! I was sitting idle for few minutes, nostalgic.
Am sure, will go through this phase for sometime until I get used to the new environment. Its no more Deciding dress code on Fridays, No more team meetings with fun, No more dancing together during low work, No more shouting together when someone is blushing, No more LEARNINGS, which is so related to the word TEAM!

I renounce, looking at the present situation, where am able to swim deep in Domain and work on the Documentation/assignments and ascertain new ideas, learning’s and EXPERIENCE! Am game for it and H is supporting me to go through this phase :)

It’s all about ACCEPTANCE, so am back to work forgetting the Lunch episode. Let me pick up a hot cup of tea and continue with my assignment……

"People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get." --Frederick Douglass

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