10 March 2009

Missing amma

iiiiiiiiiiiiii......lazy.....today......I have a holiday today, was startled when I got to know about it yesterday! The occasion is 'ID MILAD"!!!! Happy ID

Last 6 yrs in my work-life; there were days, when I had to think twice to check with my boss if I can get leave for DIWALI, Ganesha Habba, Ugadi...uff Had to convince my folks at home, am working on festivals. Its understood, since my work profile demands me to work on those days too:) Today, Without even expecting one, I was told its off~~~~~so am LaZy WATCHING SOME CRAP IN TV but am not liking it:( am Cribbing today...selfish me, asked H to take half day leave but in vain....

I have butterflies in my stomach, reason being my travel...Its going to be a 22 hrs travel in flight - all alone. I have started reading travelling books, woman travellers etc..just to ensure this is more of Fun, than rant! as days are looming, my excitment level is coming down worrying me about the schedule ahead resulting me in calling V, swetu and H all the time. Thanks to Gana, taking my 4 wishes to Lord Tirupati. Hopefully they all work for me.

ANyways; I have something important running in my mind from last 2 days, which has also been my DrEaM from ages...Its not going to be smooth, so have taken time from myself to think serenely and decide on my next rung. Its troubling me more & more, need "PEACE".

Thinking of my parents at this point of time, want to hug them and say THANKS for being there. I miss you both a lot....wish at times, I get back to my school days routine...WISH...WISH...WISH..


AMMA, for you:) Im' SORRY

Mom I’m sorry for all of the tough times I put you through

There are many things that I did to you that I shouldn't have

But I think it’s about time that I say I LOVE YOU

Mom this is coming from the heart

And that’s the only way to start

Since I was a little girl

My whole life went into a whirl

I’m sorry for all of the lies

And for all the times I made you cry

I’m sorry for all of the fights I started with you

Mom just remember I LOVE YOU

All of the things that I have been going through

Makes me realize what you say is true

Mom I just want to tell you

That I’m sorry for all the hell I put you through

And I want you to remember that........ I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Gana said...

shru u at home and me at office.Its nice to work on holidays shru when compared to otherdays.People show concern at us "che papa" she has to work even today" but not on normal days.
So u going to fly great shru..i have stopped dreaming abt it for one more year(untill i get married):)I am sure shru ur good wishes will get fulfilled by our venki (lord venkatesha).Today i have worn kurta which prani anna's friend bought for me from rajastan.I m looking like muslim shru..and the colour is matching with syeds shirt..so he is so happy haapy.Maja madu.
Keep asking ur motherin laws views regarding anything and agree for her thoughts.She will feel good.
EG:ak her how do she feel about cricket as a game.etc..etc..
shru today interact much with ur maother in law .U will feel the difference :)Will find ur missing amma in her .we all miss u here ..

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Thanks Gana, for making me smile again!!! love u muuaaahhh