11 March 2009

Last day @ InFy ( PHOTOS)

At last, H made up his mind to download the photos from the camera and here are the last day moments @ Infy........ Am loving it....infact missing few frens, few moments, the Fun, The learning, the cribbing, Team feel, routine, clients ...and all about Infy!!!!!

~~ My DeSk ( Am missing it )...Am non-compliant now....

My fav breakfast@ KamAtH - Masala dosa with my buddies..Pradeep nxt to me, is soper fun to be with....u will have to hold your tummy laughing...he has a humour worth it!!

All GiRlIeS .....ooooooo sooper fun....Bonding pose during the photo session ;)Yes, Women do get along well ( with pinch of sarcasmmmm)

The BeSt sNaP~ Fun during work!!! Gana always speaks the most...hmmm let me put it this way, 90% of my team talk a lot with voice directly propertional to the length of talk or laughs.....Never ending, no restricted though flow, cheers!!!!

Vits, MK , Prads & ba...THANKS!!!!!

Finally, THE TEAM!!!! Isnt it a FaMiLy...Muuaaahhh!!!!!

We trained hard, but it
seemed every time we were
beginning to form up into
teams, we would be reorganized.
I was to learn later in life that we tend to
meet any new situation by reorganizing
and a wonderful method it can be
for creating the illusion of progress
while producing confusion, inefficiency and demoralization.
Petronii Arbitri Satyricon


Gana said...

hey shru,

Feeling as it has happened just yesterday.Missing all these moments.Shru we were awaiting to see these snaps from past 1 month.
Ur desk has been left empty till today.U remember u had a coffe mug where u used to get hot water and drink the green colour 1 is still here.
No words shru express ...
Love u

Anonymous said...

Life is a journey - They say.

Anonymous said...

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