14 March 2009

Travel Phobia

Am leaving tonight to LA....am supposed to be excited, looking forward for my new assignment - new place and all by myself to explore everything over there!!! Uff, but not usre if this is my state of mind. Sitting here, I watch H, who has become so silent hardly teasing me or calling me his usual way! This aches deeply forcing not to let down my tears roll....Its 6 weeks, but does'nt match to the 6 months of togetherness-Fun-Attchement-fights-hugs.....Will miss him tons, every sec of my life there!
I will be writing more, since this is the best way to let out my feelings and also how my 6 weeks will pass...take care all of you and wish me good luck!
Love Bangalore...Love home...Love H


Anonymous said...

Happy Journey and wish you all the very best to get used to the new place :)

Have fun and take care.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you nice safe journey
And hey, keep writing...

Anonymous said...

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