21 March 2009


Owowowowowowowoww……I had the WB Studio visit daybefore…well, can write loads about this, but AM CHALLENGED, when it comes to my knowledge on HOLLYWOOD – movies and actors and everything related to it!!!! Am sure a Hollywood enthusiast would have jumped walking through the entire studio, where the best Hollywood movies from WB were shot. U get to see NY – Philadelphia-Florida- U NAME IT- right here in the studio, even a Jurassic park, phew!!!! Isn’t it a lot of exertion and inventiveness at its best!!!!

Well, this was a special complimentary tour for the employees, where you get to see the STAGE and Studios’ which is not allowed for outsiders. Few of the best TV shows, soaps and movies are shot here and worth a look….We had a guide, along with 5 Americans and an Asian who were the new employees like me joined the tour. The guide started off with the history of WARNER BROS. This was ventured by four brothers from Warner family in early 20s. Today its one of the largest production-TV house in the world.
First we went to the places, where they have "SET Ups" for different kind of scenes for a movie..Got to know amazing facts like, they can set up a simple place into a floods affected area, a huge park, volcanic eruptions, beach, any state or city …..anything you name and you have it there – all DONE UP. Its just the creativity which needs to work. I was like…WOW!!!! What’s happening here….Few names I can recall is Jurassic park, Volcano, some action movies…..oh am BAD can’t recall other names…Few years back, most of the movies used to be shot in Studios, as compared to NOW; where they prefer locations.
We were then taken to the ELLEN show – office and the production houses. Offcourse, we were not allowed inside and the best part is my boss is trying to get us tickets to attend the ELLEN show!! Wow, would like to dance with her, so simple and elegant and FUN!

The entire place is split into multiple stages, where you have an embark outside, mentioning the names of TV shows and scenes shot in the particular stage. The kind of equipment and arrangement, manual labor you have is unlimited!
The Prop house, supposedly the biggest and best collection used for the movies is undreamed of. In short LOVELY-ELEGANT and what a collection. Will post some of the photos, which have been used in the HMovies. There are some atypical collections, which is tough to even rent it out by other production houses….For Example, I saw a this huge chandelier, a pair worth 2 million USD, used only twice till date in the movies, since its expensive to rent it out from WB and also to maintain them ..phewww
WB Museum is again a treat for the eyes! You have collection of clothing, props, accessories worn by the legends oh Hollywood…I got to read some original scripts from some old famous HMOvies, which was used by the actors to read before the shoot. I did see a Rolex watch drowned in Blood, used in some movie ( Some oScar winning), when I though of H. Ghosh, he is crazy for this brand….Though am not a Holl-buff, I did like the anthology……..

Hmmm….I just don’t want to stop writing….

First time in my entire life, have attended 7 back to back meetings..Lunch in the meeting and coffee break in the meeting…what a set up is this?? I miss my breaks now..
In b/w we got the new from WB, that Barack Obama is visiting the NBC Studid ( just RIGHT OPP TO OUR OFFICE) this noon. Yes, I was excited and wished could get a Glimpse of him during my stay here but for sure this is a nonsense thought….But the look and feel of excitement was entirely different in everyone which showcased so easily, they all love him and respect him…Does the same happen, when we hear our president visiting our hometown??/ or office next to us!!! Hmmm, leave it out own a personage thought…
For me, If Dr.Abdul Kalam is visiting Bangalore, I would Jump in Excitement, not sure Pratibha Patil would…Again its our choice of how much we know our leaders and what they are doing~ I never like or know about our Advani, but one of my fren MK who follows politics closely loves his speeches..Its like that!!!!

Missing home….Misisng Hubby…Missing food ( have started to cook badly here)….

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