24 March 2009


Thursday was all meeting day, had to find time to rush to the ladies room…..while Friday is getting dawdling. I mean I have chosen to keep away from assignments and hook to Google to plan for the weekend….

Checking on some city tours, which can be safe and cover good places? While few people find it not interesting to go on a tour, that’s okay when you have no frens or family here, what’s say! I even walked up to Andrea to check on the local shopping hubs, with SALE board, since I also need to afford them. I have this urge to shop, which will keep me moving the entire next week; else switched off!!!!
I have booked for the City tour which is called the Grand Los Angeles city tour, will be writing loads on it once am done. Did a stupid thing of not changing the date, so it booked default for today, now I need to call and check if they can change the dates…….

Life is soo different, when you hardly know anyone or anything here. Back home, I know how everything runs, how everything IS and where to go.....etc...Am so challenged here for lot of things!!! By the time, I know this place, will be leaving back to my world :)
I have been learning lot of things about ME, since I know what am going through and what my actions are and get time to review them in silence....am not liking it THAT-VERY-MUCH!


Anonymous said...

We are waiting to know.
Have a nice tour.

anitha said...

Hi Shru...All the best.:)))

Gana said...

great shru ... having a great days as well as challengeing days over there.Do take care of urself ..
Love u

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Thanks Hobo...anitha and Gana...so sweett of all you guys:)