06 March 2009

PiCtUrEs - MoMeNtS

coLoUrfUl fOODCOURT today- wOmAN'S dAY cElEbratioNs:)
All woman were treated specially today, offered welcome drink, ALONG WITH a rose. Then lovely south Indian Lunch, concluding with yummy desi Paan~ Am loving it!!
The 'Rangoli' on floor is done by the housekeeping women!

My DeSk @ wOrK
Work inversely propertional to My DeCo wOrKsPaCE

WiTh tHe hOnEy OF MY lIFE- JENU ( ShWeThU)
We always FoUgHt n FoUgHt ALL THROUGH our lives, never realised, when we became the thickest n bestest of frenzz, maybe that's hows SiStEr'S ARE...Love her to the core. Now, am married and do not get to live with her, but always the memories keep striking, bringing tears in my eyes...miss u
mEhEndi ( Myself n cOuZiNs); DAY b4 mArRiage**
FuNNIEST time, first time ever we all got to be together, along with our aunts turning on their Yougest mind to enjoy with us. Moments to be cherished!

Am ELATED~ for no reasons today,
Not sure when I started to love food to this extent, I keep hogging Non-sTOp. I Can go on and on stuffing myself...ufff Better have a check point, else will no more be able to wear my fav clothes!

It has'nt Rained from a long time now.....From last one week, when I wake up its the first thought that crosses my mind, "It's going to rain today". The first shower or drizzle, am going to be out and enjoying - Experiencing the EcStATiC mood :)
No weekend plans, so shopping would be only thing which will fit in, when you have nothing interesting for action! whatss say:)
Loving Life...Shru


Aravind said...

Oh women's day celebration in office !!! Thats damn cute

btw happy women's day :)

Anonymous said...

The desk specially Tom & Jerry.
Child heart. Claps !!!

Renu said...

Loved the pictures Shruti:), and sisters are like that, even I and my sister always wish to live in the same city, and our H say that then we wont be seen by anybody else:)

shwetha said...

Miss u shru :(

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Muaahhh Shenu....miss u too