26 March 2009

Can I be BAD..I want to be BAD

I wake up, thinking “What to prepare for breakfast”. Not that am into idly—dosa stuff, but I have nothing to eat here except for bread and corn flakes. I come from a different background of eating hot Masala dosa every other day and Idlies-poories-Pongal…Gosh; I need F-O-O-D

I carpool with my co-workers, which makes me get ready to work on time and at times, if my time does’nt work with others I take a cab…well….Its not about all this, I want to expel out things which am unable to write today…I got scared the other day, when I opened the door to the apt, while today I left the keys inside and locked the door...Its kinda, the more I wanna be careful and systematic with things ( that’s how it work at my place back home), I just get stuck…zoopp!!!! For few of the, this might look commonJ

Am trying hard to observe the driving here, the lanes, and the rules, to check the map, EXIT’s…but in VAIN!!! Every time there is a turn, I wonder w-H-Y was this? We can’t even ask anyone the way to reach the destination. I always think back, where I can just stop and ask back home, how do I go to malleshwaram???/ SIMPLE! Well, there is a complete lack of public transportation in LA, which is making life difficult for me. In east coast of USA or Singapore, its simple since you have amazing transport system….Nows that another story…..

Back to work, its New boss, new co-workers, new system…..as I always say a CHANGE is a challenge for me, am in the progress of the challenge…I sink and sulk at times, and back to work the next day forgetting what actually aggrieved me the previous day…I think that’s how it should work, else I will never be able to ACCEPT and PROGRESS here….I need to learn some smart ways of handling things, wish I had the power-modus operandi and a map to this…hahahaaa….Can I be RUDE-CRUEL-MEAN…PLSSSS…..
Am going to stop smiling first!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Shruti - The question
Shruti - The answer
:) And the fighter.
Claps !!!

Gana said...

Great Shru...shru elli evathu ugadi.Every body in Sari.I have come in jeans.No ugadi celebration thsi time granddad passed away..
I know u badly want to eat bevu bella...hehehe..don worry we eat in ur name .Maja madu.U are the best shru.U can do wonders.Love u take care .

anitha said...

Hi Shru ...Happy Ugadi..take care