17 March 2009

Finally in LA!

Finally in LA!
Let me start with an express– Am missing hubby dear a lot…promising myself never to leave him, but looks like my boss is already planning my next trip L

Well, it’s been ages I travelled this extensive, but I MUST say it’s a never ending journey to LA – Like 24 hrs in air!! I flew in Emirates- lovely and a business class treatment hoards me!
Flight from B’lore to Dubai was sweet fast, since I slept the entire time and found dead-hard to wake up once we landed. I had to push myself to the lounge and pick up coffee to keep myself awake for next 2 hrs. Me traveling ALONE, without sleep was really drumming me…I walked up to an American and joined for the cuppa. He was unpredictably friendly, asking me questions throughout! What amazed me was, he was 67yrs, worked in Iraq like 15 yrs and now in Manila with his Family. He was happy to know that I was flying to his birth place, which he haven’t visited like 20 yrs now, reflective about things back home and wished me luck (much needed)!!! Phew~~~

I did not have much transit time in Dubai (Thank God) and rushed to Connecting flight to catch up on my sleep. Thanks to my stars, traveling in Business class, since we have divine amenities like comfy seats which can alter to flat beds, massage chairs, TV with loads of Bollywood movies, Play list, and satellite phone, wine of your choice, classy hot food and service.
The journey was stretched, was struggling to sleep and missing home. I don’t think, am a person who loves this traveling – Exploring – work and stay alone kinds, leaving H something I realized. I will definitely think twice, next time am on a project!

Landed LA @ 2:00PM local time and Thanks to my colleague S, who went out of his way to help me, else I would be like – WHERE AM I???? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO OR GO……..hehehe, Yes, am this confused girl who needs time to digest anything NEW-Anything revolutionize! Went straight to JAI-BHARATH a Gujju restaurant and had a mini thali, most of the serving dishes were sweet and since only half my mind was working never realized what I ate. My mind badly wanted to CRASH for next 24 hrs shouting am Jet-lagged at same time contradicting since am going to be all alone once I reach the apartment. This is a challenge for me to face and accept till the time am here.

HEY, I must mention, a foreign land no more amaze me! While driving back from Arthesia (that’s where we had our Lunch), to Burbank, I could see the “HOLLYWOOD” sign on the hill top, worth a sight! Got a sight of Universal studios, where I will have a tour backer by WB on Tuesday, not to forget to shop and have pictures taken....

Apartment is good….Not to enlighten details, since I live alone and do not like it that way. Funny part is I slept for 3 hrs and was awake by 3:00AM this morning. Watched TV until 4, prepared tea and took bath. I was ready by 6:00AM, unable to understand WHY I am not able to sleeeeepppp!! Well, its my first day at work here and last thing I want is doze off in a meet.

@ Work, it was well organized which is like a good learning for me. Its so important to give a friendly-warm welcome to new joiners, it makes a difference. I was as usual taken aback to my team and the new joiners! Morning was just setting up my system and configuration and meeting loads of WB employees. Lunch at a Mexican restaurant, found a veggie dish ‘CHILE RELLENO’. In my own words, its half cooked rice beaten with little tomato, large chilli covered with cheese (yo, what a combo) and baked beans without a trace of salt-chilli! Had three back to back meeting in the noon, struggled to keep myself awake since its like mid-night to ME. I even tried the plain HOT WATER to keep my senses ‘ON’ and my Lady Chief was making fun of my affirm!

Have an assignment to submit this Friday and discuss on Travel plans….more to flow about my assignment-travel-shopping-pictures-WB….for the 100th time, I need to S-L-E-E-P…..


Mohan said...

Good to read that you had a nice journey. Yeah, it might take a couple of days to get used to sleeping time, food etc.,

All the best on your new assignment :)

Gana said...

hey , shru
Have a great trip.
Wish u all happiness
wish u all comfort
wish u all success.
Do take care

Anonymous said...

Bravo !!!

Arunima said...

have a great trip and enjoy the work too. :-)