03 March 2009

UnKnOwN MiSeRiEs :(

am not at all in a GOOD MOOD today, am just not myself. I have been searching answers for "WHAT" & "WHY" is this happening to me, without any said reason....am BLANK!
There is a limit to being emotional or sensitive or feeling like a LONER in life, its the "finding the reason & acting upon the solution" which has become a challenge for me.....
I just sulk endlessly, showing up a normal face - I ACT! I need to free myself from my own weaven miseries!!



Gana said...

Hey shru all these miseries is the matter of time.Once u get that good time every thing goes as per ur wish.Let me pray for that hiden time to come fast:)To make u feel beter let me share some old memories.
1)u r tip to reduce pimples is working good with ranjitha.So ur name is taken daily by her.
2)I and anitha always remember u while buttering the special masala dosa.
3)Murali sir has reduced smoking as anitha is accompaning him for cofee break.
4)Now no G talk happening
4)Good news - Sreenivas speaks more than me :)but still no access to floor :(
Have great day!!!!

Shruti SriHarsha said...

Gana, u r the same person who can bring smile to any person on earth:) Am happy you wrote those, was taken back in the lane of those small things we used to do in the team, to keep it moving with FUN!!!! miss it....
Thanks Gana!!!