01 March 2009


“Like many women my age, I am xxyrs old” - Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!

Well, It doesn’t matter to “ME” and had an unlimited BLAST Yesterday. I always believe in “Expect the Unexpected” (or) “Never PLAN your best days; go with the flow” ……

I woke up early, only to find that H standing in front of me; with his sleepy eyes (he’s hardly seen the crack of dawn) ….he sang a long and lovely Birthday song; which was his own creation and on the spot lyrics @#$@$# AM TOUCHED! This is the beginning…..

We made our usual trip to temple and asking my Fav god to keep me Happy all this year , since I have taken up two major challenges in recent times 1) Getting married 2) changing my employer during this time!!!! Is’nt it a “DARE”!!!!!

MIL had prepared hot-spicy-YUM-finger licking Masala dosa!!!! Had 2 of them, wishing had more appetite since I love treating my tummy with yummies. Got dressed and was waiting for H to join me, when I see a small glitzy box on the dining table. I see three of them standing in front of me, asking me to open that…owoowwwwwww ITS FOR ME!!!! Pair of lovely diamond studs – Woman loves them!!!!! Went Shopping at Shopper’s stop (goodness, it’s been ages I visited my Fav place). I wanted to grab everything my eyes fell on, but had to stop myself from it….Picked up two kurtis ( ONLYL)

Was touched, when the fellows in SS, wished me for my day; they got to know from my citizen card, gifted me a DVD. AM I LUCKY? Am a Piscean, get excited even with little things in life!

Got back home, for a simple nice lunch. Now, H religiously takes a nap post Lunch on weekends. Today, he was trying hard to be awake and talk things which made no much sense to me, only to know he had other plans. We went to coffee day, since he wanted to have Irish coffee ( FISHY)…we went to CD, only to be surprised by Vini’s visit!!! WOW, my day is flowing terribly – Lovely.

Three of us had good time talking - hogging the Blueberry muffins and choc doughnuts with hot cuppa! Gifts flowed from her; got a nice big handbag and lovely footwear …ahhh, love to be treated like this. Thanks Vins, for coming, it was rocking! H kept talking about dating you all the way, which is musty ~

H calls me “BITTI RANI” now….hahahaaaa (Cunning smile)

My parents and swetu visited us in the evening, off course with a gift cheque. It was a nice get - together and later to realize my day has almost come to an end…

This birthday, I received maximum calls from Frens and Family and was more excited like a twelve yr old, the entire day! My DIL even joked, will get a big cake and invite our flat mates for the party (Imagine all 50+yrs folks, standing around me and singing a birthday song and me cutting the cake). But – I must admit it was very sweet of him to think of making me feel special! Off course, I did not cut the cake, but replaced by Rasgullas – YUM!

A birthday:—and now a day that rose
With much of hope, with meaning rife—
A thoughtful day from dawn to close:
The middle day of human life.

H sang the end of day B'day song~~~


Annapoorna R Shinu said...

Hey Shruti,

Read some of your posts! Very nice. Firstly Happy Belated birthday! Second nice to have another person in the family who reads---good fun!
Lets meet up for coffee sometime and chat. And hey, you can come home when donald duck is not around, and play with Noddy (Sam) instead!

Love Anu

Gana said...

hey shru ...I m so happy for u..its a nice feeling to see u happy on ur b'day.It will be the most emotional day in a year.take care