03 March 2009

Nothing is worth more than this day

Met my cousin in the bus today - Unexpectedly- a lound-exciting HELLO to him -everyone in the bus could make out, v know eachother...ekkss, me and my big loud mouth...

In between our discussion; which varied from work-recession-marriage-etc..., got a call from H. I told H will give him a call back, since am talking to my "C-O-U-S-I-N"! Now, the clarification is 'Chitti' ( mY COUSIN) is not my cousin legitimately; but my U-N-C-L-E!!!!
so, I have an Uncle who is just 4 to 5 yrs older to me and my dad, who is turning 60 this yr has a first cousin who is half his age!!!!

I also get to know, my great grand mother, who is Chitti's grand mother was pregnant ( yrs back); at the same time her Daughter was too ( Goodness!!!!), can we beat this?
Do we get to hear or see such sight now? hahhaa, for the rest of my journey to work today, I had my imagination running on the family tree and how the age diffference rockd!!
while am writing this in a pleasurable mood , hear the news on terrorist attack on Srilankan Cricket team, no more in a mood to continue. Its a SICK feeling deep inside the stomach to hear deaths - terrorism - innocent ppl killed - beaten ....scared!! Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman.

"Nothing is worth more than this day"
Signing off in a sulking mood~~~


Gana said...

shru ...really "Nothing is worth more than this day".Happy to tell people that i have lead 22 yrs without any fear..Hoping to live long..mean to say no plans to die;)
And u know me i never want to die :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, true.
Saddest news.