18 February 2009

Assignment from DIL!

"SLEEP" is the mantra now! On an average am sleeping for 11 hrs a day...o..w.w..wwwoww.w.ww@#$..special thing about sleep is, the more
and deep you sleep, the more you feel like continuing it, hahaha..
Coming back to the reality, my DIL ( Dad In Law) today said, am getting too lazy and need to start tickling my brain cells before it gets rusted or get used to my idlying!

Today, I have an assignment from him to work on a Transition plan b/w a Client and a Vendor; based on my experience with my previous employer; reason being my new role demands me to do lot of planning on transition services and execute them efectively.
It only 'sounds' interesting, but its not very easy to work on a ppt and requires lot of domain to impress him.....My excuse was, I do not have a notebook with me...well we have our old fashioned PAPER! anyday, rely on it!!!

Will keep posted, whether I was really able to come up with a PLAN!
Need to go to the bank@9. Now, with my experience with Canara bank from last 12 days I can actually come with a plan for them. They make you run around, everytime reminded of a new doc you need to submit! Hopefully, this is the last time am visiting them for this month!

Thanks to my Uncle, who got me an introducer for current account so fast! ( this is for my own record;))

3 more days at home.....

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Anonymous said...

3 more days...
hurraayyyyyyyyyyy !!!