23 February 2009

Go for Gyaan!

Am I under CURSE? Well, I was a Team Lead with my previous employer, which basically involved handling TEAM; more of "PEOPLE", than "PROJECTS". Now, with people I was required to say 'NO' (or) give Gyaan-etc…Today, Multiple people have started giving me Gyaan (which I PLEASE do not require, I can handle and be INDEPENDENT, shoooo away!!!!!)) This makes me feel, I have been winning the fruits of what I had to give to my people before :((( This is not a right comparison!
When am facing "obscurity"; its the thought of KARMA which haunts me... am not able to take couple of things and Diplomacy is just not helping me!

Well, I write what “I FEEL” at the moment and whats going on in my Life - uncomplicated and straight since I need to look back in life and SMILE! At times, it might look SIMPLE – FUNNY- STUPID; but this is for MEJ

Well, we had been to “GUHA” (or is it GUFA?) for Saturday dinner. For my own records, I sat in Merc for the first time in INDIA and YES; it’s a different feel!
H’s fren who is a First officer in Indigo owns this Merc; gifted by his dad for his 21st B’day, owowowww Lucky him. Now, since Flying has mentally strained him, he actually allowed his fren’s to drive his beauty. When H took his turn, I just loved it!!! I never dared to take the seat, it’s a Giant & Scary too~~

Am currently reading this book “TWILIGHT” from Stephenie Meyer. Hypothetically a lovely book but its disappointing me. It’s a Love story b/w a Human and Vampire – unconventional right but am CoN#$@^d and no FEEL of Love HERE!!!
Am back to “WORK LIFE” tomorrow, biding goodbye to my long hours of SLEEP and getting geared for W-O-R-K!

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