05 February 2009

Breakfast conversation....

Having BreaKfast @ foodcourt@ 9:30AM with Vivek, Pradeep, Muruli, Bharati, Gana, Anitha, Vits..
Seems like Masala dosa tops the list amoung favs!
What we conversed…...

> Sincere act - 'Believe it or not'
Last weekend, Vivek was returning back from watching a movie in an auto; when his phone slipped from his pocket. Least did he realise this and hit the bed as soon as he returned home. At 2:30AM, he was disturbed by the his cook; seemingly fighting with soemone at the door at that hour. Half sleepy; he checks with his cooks and gets a glimpse of this auto fellow who dropped him home. Confused and scared; asks him reason behind this only to see his phone on the fellow's hand. Its was more shocking for Vivek to see this guy coming home at that hour; just to return the mobile phone…wow!!!!
Vivek is overwhelmed by this sincere act and touched, since the hand-phone was his dad's gift to him; when he first came to Bangalore 5 yrs back. Three of them enjoy good mid-night tea and a sincere "THANKS" to Mr. Satyanarayana who fall in the endangered category!
Such good acts still exsit!

> Eating Inversly proportional to weight?
Gana is enjoying her usual carrot halwa and never puts on weight. We all concluded; people who eat more are always "SLIM" and not vice versa

> Bangalore - best place to Live
My fav topic always - Bengalooru. All of us are of the opinion it has to be Karnataka - Bangalore!!!!
Its this place, weather, parks, pubs, people, oppurtunities, education, experience that makes all the difference….
Traffic, issues, politics, corruptions, pollution----hmm..its everywhere!
Jai Karnataka

> Best places to have breakfast...
Brahmin's cafĂ©, Vidyarthi bhavan, Ganesh darshini, MTR, slv, Adigas, dwarka…..
Anitha, Gana..you girls need to try these out!

> Sarcasm
Love playing this. We all converse with each other with Sarcasm…try it out; will get the best out of you…

> Nostalgic - Team building!
We all once passed a sheet of paper to everyone in team, with all our names on it. The game is; you need to write what you feel about the person without disclosing your name. In the end one person will read it out to all. This was supposedly be a team buliding game, where we all can get to know each other. It tured out to be "OTHERWISE"; when it was read out, since everyone seem to be taking the comments personally & started questioning..haha. It is F-U-N, when we look back- It happened in yr 2006...

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