17 February 2009

these things r running in my mind now.....

Going Bonkers.....
why is it, I always plan and plan (even WRITE it) and plan to save M-O-N-E-Y every month and end up "NOT DOING" it every time? am dissapointed wit my system of planning, since I have no heavy balance in my acc; which means no Materialistic dream atleast for the kick of it!!!

Now, I have this very urgent crave to swap my nose ring, to a simple single diamond stone...whenever I see myself, i feel I can look much better without the gold covering whch am currently wearing.,.....'Gold is 15,200 as on today' is what my DIL told me during our tea conversation....:))) am much better off with my current NR now!!
I havent been to shopper's stop for ages now ( 3 months) an this is a huge achievement!
But-But, my bank balance shows no reserves...am going rear, planning again!!!!

Am Infuriate with something; which I always face. I need a SOLUTiON....
one of my relative asked my salary package / mnthly salary today..now, this is a situation I just cannot face since am not comfortable discussion my salary with anyone. This does not mean, am earning great ( come on, no one says am earning really well!!); but why do they askkkk?? Grrrrrr...

'V' ( again my bestest fren) told me; she never divulge her salary to anyone. The other day, when her aunt askd her; she replied "I earn enough to take care of myself"@#@#$#@$#$#$#.....hahaa am imagining telling this to one of my aunt and checking her reaction, I somehow can't give any bold answer...I even told some shop keeper the other day, who was very eager to know what H and myself earn....
any better answer to reply a question so unwanted???

Now, 10 days at home and ensure do not miss on the below at any cost~~
1) Eat and eat, weight doesnt matter now!
2) watch atleast one movie ( watched 'Luck by Chance' today)
3) Read book; ordered 4 more online!
4) Dry clothes ( New skill set, I have learnt)
5) Call atleast one old fren
6) eat Betel nut with leaf; after lunch and dinner ( new skill set again)
7) day dream

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