30 October 2012

The day I had this intuition

Sammu is standing next to me and –[]wan]t to= take control of the keyboard while I fight back…few of the keys are missing from my keyboard and not sure what will be the status in few more months ( Days!).

Today has been a day of thoughts…The day I had this strong intuition that its gonna be the Dday..It was Sep 21st, Wednesday and I was taking my usual walk after dinner…This was my routine from past few  months and I was due anytime for delivery…I just called my mom and spoke to her casually updating my day . I told her that while I was taking the walk, I strongly felt that it’s time for me to be prepared…As per the due date I still had 4 days, but I had this strong hunch that am gonna get my hint anytime tonight. I had absolutely no pains, was feeling very normal physically, the kicks were normal. I slept with a sense of excitement, unble to realize the slow contractions (one per hour)…I was unable to turn sideways due to heavy tummy and I knew it was “TIME”, as the contractions increased to one per 30 mins. I tried to take a walk as the pain was every 15 mins ,  I didn’t want to wake up hubby at that hour. It was intolerable with every 5 mins and with that fear mixed with a happiness, I woke him up so cheerful that its time for me to take my bags and head to the hospital. The usual uncomfortable procedure ( I dread that) was done to confirm it was Labour. I cried in pain for next 6 hrs, as they monitored and finally took me to the L.room. I was so determined and strong to have a Normal delivery that I kept praying I have the strength to push my lil one out. I loved the moment of seeing him anytime Versus the increasing pain to push, while the nurses did their job making me dread this every again!
It was a disappointing moment when the doc said they can no more hold on, as I was losing strength, seeing me sweat and rushed me to C-section and everything else blank…..only to hear minutes later “It’s a son” in my half conscious state.

My journey from here….Feeding, potty cleaning, sleep deprivation and the Struggle due to unawareness….. in my next post.

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