03 August 2013

When my son sleeps.....

Its been real crazy for last few weeks....My son is 21 months old and its great to see him grow. I love our games like building blocks, car drive, bat and ball, throw ball, running around, reading books, our morning and evening walk, watching rhymes together, shopping and loads of stuff which just takes away our time.....

He is also very demanding as a 21 month old, and needs all the attention. I do try managing household work while keeping him engaged or talking to him, but he just pulls me away making me confused at that point as to how do I manage rest of the work? This is a feeling which is making me crazy and lose patience....I tend to get very restless cos of unable to manage lot of things and which is leading to confused feelings and me not able to ne "ME".
When he sleeps, i Wonder what went wrong and when was I not able to keep him happy ???? what made me shout at him or ignore him?
Its a Crazy situation am going through and keep looking for answers lying next to him..
In the end; I plan how should be my day again  ( trow) and laugh it off saying am dealing with a lil monster and not a 20 yr old :)

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