19 December 2013

December 2013!!!!!

Last few days of 2013, weather has been really chill in Bangalore.....I love my sweaters and its all out in open!
Samrudh has been sick for last few days, its some kind of viral doing rounds in the air. Its been dragging and sleepless nights and troublesome mornings continue to haunt us...Cant expect him to express whats he going thro and the cold, cough, fever, allergy has been making my son dull and restless :(

He seem to be better today, forcefully dragged him to school, walked back guilty thinking again for the 100th time, AM-I-DOING-RIGHT?

Its vacation time and there is no way I want all the health issue to spoil our plans....Am hopeful that Sammu will be fine and be set to enjoy his holidays. H is on vacation too and the very though is so exciting.
Sammu has his Christmas carnival at school trow and this is our First one of such. Am very excited to take him for the 2 hr celebrations and the dress code is red and white. Post that will be weekend and hopefully its a lazy Saturday and we are off to Mysore for a short vacation. Need to have a plan as to what Sammu will enjoy and need to take him out for some fun!!!!

More in my next post......

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