19 May 2010

Dahi-puri NO-NO

Depressing weather is what we call, when it’s Cyclone in our neighbouring states, but somehow I love the non-existence of Sun during my day and more great-feel factor, if I have to wear a sweater....Its one of those days today and lazed around watching movies be it repeat and making that hot masala chai...I did imagine a trip planned to some hill station at some idle time; but none will take place for few more months as per hubby (Cost cutting buddy)...We almost zeroed Europe trip and soon realised what a DrEaM baby!!!!

Back to reality and weather, I called hubby to be back early so I can go for one round of hot-spicy Pav bhaji or Masala puri...( Yes, sounds great and perfect).... Thanks to him, he was home on time and I was all warm clothed to relish my hot-spicy-blah-blah stuff...I kept telling him, how much I was waiting to just go out while It drizzled and stuff in those road-side delicacies ( am shouting..am a FOOD-LOVER)...We changed destination, since there was this new place in heart of Gandhi-Bazar....I suddenly saw the chap artistically pouring thick curd, preparing DAHI-puri and I soon changed my mind from hot Masala puri to Dahi puri stuff.....I took that first big piece in hurry and there My MOOD just went “OFF”, the dahi one was so cold, more on sweet side and HELL this is not-done types....All the vent up “WANT” from morning of that descriptive spicy stuff just made me so irritated and finished up the ordered stuff with a frown face...I didn’t feel like going for anything else, came back home just feeling Cold....Hubby could not make out my mood swings, but I was really disappointed in seconds...

I have realised my MOOD changes so well, the kind of food am eating and how good/bad it makes me feel...I just lose my energy, the moment I have something in mind but which alters to what am eating and the feel is just so Unwanted...It’s one of those days- U know 

Am spending my first half of day alone ( IN BOLD “ALONE”) tomorrow and planning it skilfully; since I want to enjoy the SILENCE....I will not be taking any calls nor inviting anyone and will take up silence as my company ( This is a Kind of therapy am trying) to just be myself..Sounds nice again...I have planned to order Pizza and Garlic bread for my Lunch....so looking forward to...Its MY haly-day!

If you in Bangalore, enjoy the WEATHER!!!!


Rachana Shakyawar said...

Awesome is the word I get to every stops and dots in this post..despite the fact I can completely empathize over the mood swings from weird tastes!
~ MOOD and FOOD are directly related!
I suffer from ame syndrom..especially when I'm with hubby..somewht like unconsiously I know and I enjoy when he tries hard to make up with my mood! Enjoy the attention..haha

~ Gandhi Bagar is one of my fa. junctions too!
And yum yum...garlic bread..awesome plan...listen...recently a new mall opened(Blore central) opp. to Big Bazar in JPNagar...I tried few day back Garlic Bread there...with Pasta...and it was nice and better change...Thought a food lovers must share sweet smoky aromas :)

Enjoy your day..Sun wont shine for next couple of days i guess but sure U can brighten up a day with new food and taste!

Luv yeah!
~Keep the Spark Alive..

Bwt. Loved this post :)

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Gu, U decided to try the DHAI one...I insisted u to stick to earlier plan...u fell for it. I am SORRY :-)

Renu said...

It happens sometimes:)....once I tried misal pao, and it was so bad that now I would nt dare to try that dish even anywhere else.
garlic bread is a favourite of my whole family, but specially from Pizza hut.

Swaram said...

Ayyo I want both Masala Puri and a vacation to Paris nw :P :P

Anonymous said...