27 May 2010

Not Sleepy- so this post

Am not sleepy (or) don't feel like hitting the bed on time tonight and have nothing in mind to scribble here.....Its been "ONly-Attend-functions" back to back from last few days and drained me wearing those "Kancheevaram" sarees. I love them, contrary need lot of time and good weather as demand; to tie it up neatly. This is also a means to remove those stacked up marriage sarees of mine, which comes out only on such occasions.
Since I have all the time in the world, to pull those sarees out and get ready was more of nostalgia this time and wonder 2 yrs back, I was so heavily excited to pick them up for my BIG DAY.
The shopping so neatly mapped, the no-silence days of planning and shouting to be listened to and just the excitment of getting married and shopping was all so so so fine-looking. I am those lucky ones, who was all smirk for months and waiting for the day, enjoyed every moment with aniticipation; me 'out-of-world' to be standing next to my hubby and say "I DO".....Nothing could have done better than the kancheevaram attire, so perfect for the occasion!!!! So heres to say I love my sarees, though they r such a pain to tie and go out in sun:(

This is a MUST-DO in this part of the country and not many girls/women like to tie this up during any occasion. But I never felt this way, maybe little old-fashioned, maybe tied up thoughts but still stick to this attire for your day!
ANyone who shares my feeling?

My parents are travelling; both different direction and unfortunately my plan gets deviated cos of this. I was supposed to be staying with them for a week ; then changed to travel with mom and the changed to - stay here in BANGALORE! so my plan all back to Square one, I need to watch a good movie to make it up....Kites-NO NO....This is what everyone, every paper is shouting....
Good moviee plsssss


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Shrutzz

Firstly and lastly...
KITES...completely and Absolutely...BIG NO..!

Kanchivaram Sarees..Yes YES! Love themm..and when i read from you..like it even more!

You should write..WRITE more frequent...I long so much to know wht you ate, how many parties you attented.., which color Kanchivaram saree you wore, and above alll your basic cute random thoughts! I like to know it all:)

~ Keep the Spark Alive..
Luv yeah!

Mingled Minds said...

jus passed by to say a hi..

actually even i am wide awake.. :D..

Anonymous said...

me too LOVE my wedding sarees:Dthough after wedding never got a chance to wear those:(

hey since u asked for good movies, do watch these (i saw them recently and they are so good)
1) amelie
2) marley and me
3) away we go

pRasad said...

Your blog seems interesting !

Started following :)

Swaram said...

Oh I luv sarees too as much as I love my other dresses :) Am nt so gud @ draping them arnd though :P

Pics pls ;)

Renu said...

I love sarees, and to me nothing looks more elegant on any special occasion...but yes in the heat it becomes a little uncomfortable:)

Alka said...

I completely agree with you shru. Sarees are the best with all old memories.
and every girl wants to go out for saree shopping when it comes to marriage function.
I am also eagerly waiting for that day...My Shopping day.

Enjoyed your posts.. keep posting..
I just love to read all your posts with mixture of moments.