03 August 2009

Destination ShiFT :)

Moved to www.shrutzz.com......
Its a budge from From www.shrutisriharsha.blogspot.com to my own domain.
Did some shopping on saturday and it always manages to vim my mood- the feel; no matter how big a messy situtaion am in (or) how lazy I feel (or) anything thats not fine...Shopping never fails me!!!! am sure its for all the Gals outaa there ;)
Am bored of Orkut and FB; am not going to be active for few more days, till I feel its worth again to go back.
Lotss of news in coming days...Lots of updates....lots to BLOg!


Mohan said...

Nice to see your own domain. Congratulations on choosing to having your own identity in the web.

If you have also *shopped* the web hosting along with domain name, feel free to use wordpress which makes blogging experience much more powerful :)

Anonymous said...

dot com - Home-Sweet-Home.
Party ???

Solilo said...

Congratulations! you keeping the same theme or going to play around with the theme now that you are a dot com. :)

Manjunath cv said...

Coool shruthi!!!!

And between change the template as i said you before

Manjunath cv said...

and also dont forget to make use of email ids, and be careful with the password of your ENOM control panel if you loose it or gets into some others hand your website may be hacked

Swaram said...

Cool .. waiting to

So true abt the shopping part ;)

AnjuGandhi said...