29 March 2011

Thoughts - HeRe n tHeRe....That's me

I rushed out to see if it's really raining....ahh so dissapointed to see the sun so active.... Wondering, why did I feel like that, came in to see the fan ON with full speed; deceiving my ears that it was pouring outside..phewwww I still believe it can drizzle or Rain at odd time in Bangalore, which is no more the case. Its a myth.

Calender shows March is ending and means nothing to me . I have nothing planned for April same as Jan-Feb and Mar! Am not even going home to watch the much hyped, much awaited, my money at stake in betting with MIL - 'Indo-Pak' match tomorrow. I shall use my Internet along with my crazy month end activity at work.

I have this new nose ring, which I bought at seconds thought and just kept it inside even scared of trying it and hubby saying - Eeekkssss, whats wrong with you? I promise to try it on Ugadi and hopefully its liked!

Appa dropped a set of books and demands me to read them. He wants to keep me away from my Jeffery's and John's..Not done! He made an effort to get a english copy of Gita since I rejected the Kannada one :) so cute!

I need to work for 6 days, with my last working day of the week being totally hectic with reviews; to say Its my WEEKEND. Just a Quote and a stress on my current state!

I have to drink more water and just Fail to. Today, I bought lot of sweets and keep popping tiny pieces and drink water. I continue this procedure and almost achieving the target. what an idea sirjeeeeee.....



Pesto Sauce said...

It can rain in Bangalore at any time, used to be a good city once sadly lost to traffic now

Passionate Goof said...

All the best with winning the bet. I hope you have placed it on the right side.

Renu said...

your appa is great:)..Nose ring is quite in now a days:)

nasir naqvi lucky said...

wow.nice blog i like it.....