16 March 2011

Wednesday...RaNdOm tHoUgHtS

Ø Got a lovely gift from Hubby for women’s day! It’s a Chicken Embroidery Kameez and dupatta ( now, am not sure why they call chicken) with Orange and green combination..ahhh I love it and is kept for the Ugadi festival.

Ø Spent last Sunday with parents and sissy and had fun-fun-fun! From lovely food to gossiping to fun making it was just a perfect Sunday.

Ø Had that awaiting ‘one on one’ talk with boss and no matter what the out come is, I did talk. I learnt few lessons and spent time on analyzing how did this all go through.

Ø Hubby just called to say he had picked up a book and a DVD for me and it will remain a surprise until I reach home…..( cool!)

Ø I tried aloo-methi and loved it. FIL and appa made fun of my half-cooked food. I prefer all vegetables to be half cooked which is not liked by everyone.

Ø Am trying to be more organized at workplace, and using my daily journal quite effectively. Am quite happy with the way things are moving without messing it up too much.

Ø Friend at work got me fresh Arabica coffee powder from chikkamagaluru. It’s only me who drink coffee at home, but I will still enjoy making one hot cup for myself in the morning – atleast for t’row.

Ø I hate apples and hubby wants me to eat atleast one per day. It’s a torture to convince him that we can’t get along well. That’s apple and me!

Ø V is upset with lot of things and fear what’s in store with us. Its been a long friendship term and hate to see it move this way.

Ø Thinking of painting my nail red!!! For a change~

Ø Stepped out of office twice during the day; just to check if its raining. I love doing this and wait for rain, which is a feel good factor and I need it.

Ø I have wanted to watch my marriage video and shall soon unwind watching it.

Ø I finally removed my favorite red handbag, which I picked up in Goa and using it occasionally. I have kept my beloved choices inside wardrobe for long…viz bad

Ø Am wearing white and Green today and like the feel of colors!

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Swaram said...

Apple and me dnt get along well too :P
Book and DVD - woww! Which ones?