18 March 2011

Indian Boys!

Me: hi
Me: oota?
yaguara: madding now.... mom mixing, nindu chapathi ayitha ?
Me: yes
Me: and ice -cream too
yaguara: oh super
Me: mom mixes for you
Me: ?
yaguara: yes
Me: heheheee
Me: story of all Indian boys!!!
yaguara: btw going to national market, will pick the dvds ...
yaguara: i know boman's mom mixes for him as well
Me: ya....especially i its Pachadi or chutney or somethng like that
Me: (will silently laugh); while he enjoys the ghee filled pachadi rice
yaguara: for me everything and made of rice
Me: oh woaaawwwwwwww
Me: God! Indian Boys!
yaguara: hmm..Agree


Himanshu said...

srry cant get d meaning of few words mentioned in between but as an indian boy cant stop myself from asking r u complaining?

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

@ Yagura: Do not sneak out every bit of Info u Crap.. U have now been selected for E-marketing.

Renu said...

even i couldnt understand everything:)