11 January 2011

Dream 1 ......

Am writing this in he midst of an important con -call for one of the biggest deal we are getting into till date for our firm...Just a CAPTURE this moment kinds and hence this update.....Its our first International deal, with South Africa and the core team is so kicked about being consultants to this company in SA.
Done with the call....
Hubby picked up DVD's from the local Bazaar during last weekend and my agenda is to work hard during the day and enjoy a movie in the evening, though this requires me to lose an hour n half of sleep. I have to choose and feel so much "to do" during the week and just end up doing only the ROUTINE stuff...I really wonder how ppl manage to sleep less and do loads of other things apart from their 9-10 hrs of work!
Reading Jeffery's "Prodigal Daughter" is AMAZING!!!!! I had a break reading for last week and back to finishing it almost. Have couple more in my mini-Library ( 20 Books) for my next one!
One of the major agenda this year is kicked off from last sunday. Appa, amma, sis, BIL, Hubby n myself went out on our first round of house hunting! YES!!!!!! Its scary, its exciting, but after years of planning and no-result discussions, we have finally decided to go ahead. There are lot of constraints, but this time I promise no looking back. I have hubby's agreement and support and hence myself and appa will be in a JV to pick up a house.
Its been a "DREAM" from the time am a best buddy to dad, which I have started to work on now!
I will welcome all suggestion, Tips, Do's and Don'ts related to buying a house and also posting my experience quite often. Am a FRESHER in this case.


Alka said...

All the very best shru. Keep going :)

Renu said...

Wishing you good luck !

When i did the house hunting, in one apt, I just got a very good feeling:)and I told my hubby that now we may see many other ones, but this is going to be my home, and I was right:)

Manjunath cv said...

"lose an hour n half of sleep"

Good atleast you are concerned about sleep i sleep less than 5 hours a day my bad!

between all the best for ya hunting, if you have any queries do contact me... but be very careful while choosing dream home a one small bad you endup with huge loss :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.