06 January 2011

New Year & Hubby's Birthday!!!

HELLO 2011!
It’s been a Good start for the year, relaxing at home over the weekend after a simple revelry at cousinz place on 31st night. I spent my first weekend of the year planning for Hubby’s surprise birthday, thought it involved my Parents, sister and In-laws only. The Fun was to plan his gifts, without his knowledge and how much I had to warn my MIL not to disclose out of her excitment. I had to keep scheming her thrill and the best part was we even practiced how loud we gonna sing the Bday song .

Hubby’s Birthday:
Come Jan 03rd, I had a business Lunch meeting and was quite disappointed that even at 3PM it was not concluded and I had planned to leave early to pick the lovely Pineapple pastries home before hubby enters. I informed my Boss during Dessert and rushed back to pick up the Gifts planned one by one and then to the Cake shop. My exhilaration level was at it crest and this is what I would like to voice “THRILLING MOMENT FOR JAN” !!!! I also picked some cards on way and headed back home to fix up things. The Auto driver was almost tired taking me to different deatinations and each time me adding the bags ( Whoaawww).

I had enough time to arrange Flowers and gifts. Parents, Sis and BIL barged in on time as planned. We lit loads of Candles in the entrance and in our room and arranged cards. Gifts were spread across the house and the theme was like a Fortune finder for Hubby to find it!

We waited with stir up; but It took him ages to come in ‘That particular day’, but sooner than we ran out of the Excitement. The Timing was perfect and we all stood right in front of him and sang out practiced song without giving it a pause!!! I could see his lovely face turn red, blushing with shock-surprise, cud-not-believe types, since it just so exceptional for him to see his parents all kicked up for him on this D-Day!!! We pulled him near the cake, and repeated our birthday song with few lyrical changes and the usual cake eating with photos!!! We concluded all the ga-ga with a quite dinner in nearby restaurant and Good night’s sleep!!!

That’s how I have started this year….All Hopes, FULL OptiMiSm, passion to achieve, New goals, more shopping, More awareness, Learn more, Dreams, celebrations,.....
More Prayers for Good health and peace for all


Swaram said...

Lotz of gud wishes for the new year and the birthday and I luv ur spirit :)

Renu said...

wow...wih you the same spirit for the whole year!!..Shruti ur enthu is making me feel that I must do all this sometime..
Wish your hubby many more bdays like this!!..both of you are looking so lovely couple in love:)

Alka said...

Very nice shru. New year wishes to both of you.....

Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Phew!!! Believe me it was a SHOCKER! I was dazed out ;-) when i saw all of u!!
Thanks a TON GU!! U have set the Benchmark.

Arunima said...

your hubby and I share the same birthday. i think we discovered this last year, nai?
He must be a wonderful person. :-)
born on 3rd Jan and all

MAnjunath said...


Anonymous said...

belated Happy Birthday
may the smile generates more smiles
- cheers!!!