31 May 2011


Am just back from a sooper-dooper much needed Goa trip and just the feel of it makes me smile now.

We planned and planned and with lot of hesitation and thinking around and convincing, I made up my mind that I MUST GO! Hubby had no say and along with 3 other families was all set to hit Hyatt which is an astounding Star property with facilities like never ending Pool spread all over the place, Private Beach, restaurants, gym, spa and manifold things available at your disposal to have great fun.

With my condition, I was mentally prepared to stick to relaxing “Only” and nothing more than that. I had my John Grisham book and Lime juice for company while rest of them spent their entire day in Pool post Heavy breakfast and then back to pool and Beach post amazing spread of Lunch. I watched them play and speak all nonsense under the sky, such a LET GO OFF feeling , away from routine, away from crowd, away from the lot ; but just a perfect HOLIDAY!

This was an miraculous time out for me, due to the constant worry I have taken for last year and happy I could make it. To believe I was actually tranquil, surrounded by green and water only, I used to take those deep breaths and condition myself to the milieu around me, so much –a Bliss , feeling so unheard of and so striking …
Those evening chit-chat with rest of them with hot Chai, was a nice way to get to know them and have always loved to make friends and know what and How life is all about on the other side. Few aspects were quite inspiring for me, which I shall cherish and adopt in situations and few to just smile and let go off….

I missed shopping and roaming around in proper Goa, but no Regrets. This was a nice way to Unwind, Relax and REPEAT – LET GO…I shall miss these holidays with Hubby and Friends for sometime now but for sure will just to close my eyes and get nostalgic whenever I miss going out J

Special thanks to my best buddy –Hubby for making this so so -so remarkable, with every day still making me go Crazy for him…HUGS!


Back to work and back to Routine. This might be my last working month for the year and don’t want to keep thinking about this. I shall want to have a big post on this by end of June.

Had heavy breakfast this morning with appa; at our Favorite joint – MTR. This used to be our Sunday routine before my marriage and we just thought shall re-do this today. Amma busy with cousin’s wedding preparations in Shimoga, we had the time to indulge in amazing Hot Idly and very famous Sambar and Masala Dosa very early in the morning…wow….Back to work now and hopefully no sleep…


Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Financially I'm Torn Apart...No more Trips :-@

Renu said...

goa is the best place for vacations..i really liked it.

Swaram said...

Wow! U did hv a wonderful time :)

Sry if I sound dumb, but am I missing something :| :P

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Arunima said...

no matter where you stay, Goa is always fun. I think it is a diff world all together. Middle class India all so happy,with the "Live and let live" attitude and letting their hair down.