10 May 2011

Crib1, passion and rest of good things!

Ok, I have been wanting to WRITE and keep this space as modernized as it used to be and am so damn befuddled with the way my routine moves, completely unplanned at times! I don’t blame anything, given my situation!!!!

Well, loads of action at work front and need to juggle between people and projects! While, I just don’t like me being so not-very organised and having pending workload, ending up being questioned and then realise ahhh, its not done yet its equally frustrating to people issues, which continues .

Now I understand it’s a norm, given that am into ppl mgmt from yrs now but not Immaturity where the crib is so bloody illogical and just doesn’t make sense!!! To those ppl, herez my crib – GROW UP!

I have spent some lovely unproductive time from past few days trying to out some logic at the way things work in a corporate but just end up having some good work pending. So strong-willed not to waste time anymore and just stay tuned to my Laptop!
That solves one issue.

Now, the other category of people I don’t like is “MOODY “ sort. Now, how on earth should we handle people who are moody? They laugh only when things are so bright and act crazy freaking stupid, just cos you have an issue with something or someone? Can understand kids showing it off to their mom, but grown up’s with mood swings?
I gave my peace of mind to someone in this category who just used to walk in as if the sky is on her head , not evening answering anything officially, while act crazy close when things are so fine.

I keep reminding myself that bad days are there for everyone, and I make every effort not to show it on anyone, exception for hubby at times

My new passion is COOKING!! I used to cook, but same as Mom and MIL at times. Recently I have been watching atleast 2 cooking shows on TV, reading blogs on cooking and reading recipe books and think when should I try what!!! Am feeling great about this and shall definitely keep trying new stuff when I have time and people at home to experiment (How cool!)

Before I conclude, Sis’s house warming ceremony was ultra-cool and what a refresher to attend a function!!! I loved it and so happy for her and BIL, to have managed it in spite of all the stumbling block and issues. Cheers to the couple and what a change from my little girl to someone who own’s a house and managing it so well!!!

More on work, hobbies and cribbings!!!


Soumya said...

Haha a cute, honest post.
Keep it up lady.


aakash said...

:/ I m moody, it comes naturally :P