04 May 2011


Am not gonna be working full time from today and has sundry feelings about the way my life is changing. Though I try to be prepared for such revolutionize, my heart twinge to undergo the sea of difference!!! But its all for “GOOD” and will let go of pain for something beautiful soon!!

Woke up with terrible head ace today wondering in spite of good sleep. Prepared tea for self and FIL, stood near the window finding reasons for the blankness in me. The slight drizzle which started just then just turned my feeling upside down, making me feel better watching those leaves turn greener and wet..Ahh, Blass! just at the time I needed a boost so badly. I stood there until it was silent and wet all around and went out for a short walk, taking that deep gulp of air and then back to my routine! This is like a sure stress releaser for me in life!

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Swaram said...

Glad that made u feel better! Hugs!
Love the look of the blog :)