14 April 2011

Hubby's 5 yr Anniversary!!!

It was the usual dinner time on a habitually weekday, typical conversation b/w the four of us; unfolding the day’s events when we get a surprise visitor from Hubby’s employer, carrying this adorable flower bouquet wishing him for his successfully journey of 5 yrs with the Employer!

That’s a WOW Factor for me, amazing best practice to bring that smile on the employee and make him feel so special on his day! The next day was a change in his ID card tag color with a silver memento, carved his journey at this place and a small vacation to us! That’s DOUBLE WOW!!!

While I wished him, my upmost feel good factor is the vacation here. I need to plan my leaves and decide on the place keeping few constraints in mind! But am all happy for Hubby and for the to-go-vacation!

Hubby, wishing you a great career and loads of happiness and peace in life!!!


CHEERS to Gugee
CHEERS to his Employer
CHEERS to our vacation!!!


Sriharsha bantalpad said...

Thanks for your support! Cheers.

adith said...

Hey BRO.. superb journey and congrats!! God bless you with loads & loads of happiness along with the strength & courage to achieve more milestones in your SUCCESSFUL CAREER.. All the BEST & SMILE.. Happy vacation to both with your love..

sm said...


Anonymous said...

congrats to both of u...
wow, do such organisations really exists? giving vacations!!
enjoy..heres wishing more good times ahead..