26 June 2011


I wait all six days for this special day....It starts from friday, where I start planning to wake up late on sunday and then have leisure breakfast and have a goood Nap. Then would want to have heavy Lunch and step out for entire noon and evening to be back only to hit the bed.....

But-BUT, this NEVER happens at my end. Its just unbearable to wait and then feel "IS THIS ALL?"
well, thats my description of a sunday which is so below my expectation and boring is the term currently running in my mind.

Next week am off to mom's place for a break. Havent planned much, but definetely my routine will include a long walk in the morning, trying different recipes, joining a class and watching loads of movies. Shopping is out of List, though there is a mall at walking distance but doesnt make sense now!!!!



Swaram said...

Have a gr8 time :) I so wanna go to Amma-mane now :)

Mingled Minds said...

ha... thz y i have stopped planning my sundays... lol... it never actually ends up the way i wan it ..hmm.

hav fun nywyss :))