06 July 2011

Mom's place and Rain

Its my third day at mom’s place….Quite nice, except that I miss gu ….I think of him early mornings when I used to be there until he is off to work and back again from work. Though we do not get to sit and have long chats or share a joke, we are there and those small must-do routine things are missed.

I like it here, except that I have little arguments with appa and amma, which is fine and no regret. I have done up my room and plans of doing it better next week. I love the weather here, a altered feel due to lot of open space and less noise.

I hardly have plans, need to work out on one soon before I start getting bored and think the Unwanted. My work keeps me busy for few hours and those usual office calls. The reason am here is to learn something new, while am on leave! I help mom in cooking and trying out new things, except that can’t really experiment much since appa doesn’t like too much of new stuff on his plate. Now, that leaves me in same situation as am at IN-Laws place since there too its not after a limit I can do new things. Gu will raise his eye brows if he sees something new, even if it means adding chilli powder than the usual green chillies

I need to visit workplace for meetings but its too far for me to travel at this stage and that’s my biggest worry. I could not let go off my work completely and everyday have a new struggle to fight at home and work front. Sometimes, WISH I could just be completely myself and do what I want to do in life. With physical constraints I do understand, but there are surrounding constraints which I want to avoid!

Its been Raining all day today and its amazing!!!! With hot cup of tea and work to do, am just enjoying every bit of it.

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