15 July 2011

Out of Blue - stuffs

Goodness this weather….It poured for last 30 minutes, while I was immersed in drafting this contract for one of the business at work, thinking will prepare tea once am through….I just sat back to enjoy the pour, when I see its bright and sunny…well, this is Bangalore but didn’t fail to shock me!

Delly belly and ZNMD is a must theatre watch for me and am still looking for friends / family to accompany me. None around me even seem to be interested in this (Hubby doesn’t even know there is a movie like this released) and will continue to have hopes. Mom stared at me in shock when I said am going alone this Sunday, for a sec thought as if am a college girl caught with a bunch of boys planning a movie!!!! Now, I do not have the patience or bandwidth to explain that its so very normal to just go and watch a movie in a multiplex alone…. so will keep it aside until I find THE PERSON!

I realised in last few days….

a) Am supposed to rest and sleep long hrs and only now I feel sleep is such a waste of time. I just get my right 7 hrs sleep and am done.
b) Am not supposed to eat mangoes and abruptly I started relishing it so very much!
c) I need to listen to music, but can’t listen to more than 2 songs at a time…
d) I can’t grow nail and the WANT to get a nail art done was so fascinating for last few days.
e) I can’t stand Idle time and I don’t work full time – Contradicting.

Maybe thats how it is!

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Anonymous said...

ZNMD - Yesterday I tried for tickets but the results:
HouseFull HouseFull HouseFull